[3.4] Elemental Beyblade Necro: A Dancing Dervish Build

Table of Contents

1. Build Concept
2. Pros and Cons
3. Skill Tree, Ascendancies, and Bandits
4. Gems and Gear
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Videos
7. Path of Building/Current Gear


This build relies on using The Dancing Duo to summon two Dancing Dervishes to spin down your enemies. Many Dancing Dervish/Duo builds treat the Dervish as a sort of afterthought--it's there, it gives Rampage, but other than that doesn't do much. Instead, they're primarily a minion-focused build (generally Skeletons/Spectres) with a splash of Dervish.

This build treats the Dervishes as the primary vehicle for damage, with a side of SRS as a delivery mechanism to get the ball rolling.


The Dancing Dervish
The Dervish, not to be confused with the item, is a minion that has several properties:
  • Is immune to damage: Dervishes always at full health and does not take any damage from anything.

  • Viable target: Dervishes count as a minion and thus will eat projectiles that hit it--this includes chaining, forking, and/or other modifiers to projectiles. They can also taunt enemies, and will ocasionally naturally draw agro.

  • Aggressive: Dervishes will seek out enemies and attempt to use their unique Cyclone spell whenever possible. Of note, this unique version of Cyclone can be supported by Multistrike, unlike the player-version of Cyclone.

  • Flying: Dervishes have flying pathing, which means they will cross most gaps, will go through cell doors, etc. Basically if you can Flame Dash through something, the Dervish can also go through it.

  • Gains Rampage Stacks when hitting unique monsters: This allows Dervishes to be a viable boss-killer, since they will remain up throughout the fight (for the most part).

  • Grants the player Onslaught: While out, the player is granted Onslaught.

  • Grants the player Rampage, the ability: See the RAMPAGE mechanics for more information on this.

  • Easy 7-link: Sockets on the item do not need to be linked. This means you can stick 6 support gems into the weapon and have it affect the Dervishes.

Upon reaching 15 Rampage stacks, the player has both weapon slots (including their weapon swap) disabled and summons 1/2 Dervish(es) onto the field. The Dervishes last as long as the player has Rampage the effect.

Rampage is an often misunderstood effect. There are two components to Rampage, the ability and the effect.

Rampage, the ability, allows the player to gain Rampage stacks. For the most part, each kill made by the player, their minions/totems/etc, or nearby party members will increment the Rampage stack counter by 1 (see the wiki link for additional information on what does or does not count as a kill). Upon reaching 15 stacks, the player gains Rampage, the effect. This is the point at which the player is considered under the effects of Rampage. Rampage, the effect, lasts for 5 seconds and adding a stack will refresh the duration. Rampage stacks cap out at 1,000--gaining "new" stacks will just refresh the duration. Being affected by Temporal Chains will increase the amount of time you have until Rampage expires to 7 seconds.

Rampage, the effect, gives the PLAYER following:
  • 1% Movement Speed per 20 stacks
  • 2% Increased Damage per 20 stacks

Note that Rampage, the effect, gives no bonus to your minions.

In addition, at certain Rampage stack thresholds you gain specific effects that range from summoning additional minions, to corpse explosions, to projectile novas, etc. For the purpose of this build, these additional threshold effects aren't that important. They're nice when they happen, but aren't going to be a super reliable thing to have. See the wiki page for the exact thresholds.


  • Meme Power: This is a pretty memey item, and it's definitely an unexpected playstyle if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Cheap league starter: HISTORICALLY, Dervishes have been very cheap to start with. The base core items of the build generally run 1-5c per. This league, however, the price zigged a bit and dis build ended up costing a bit more to start.

  • Scales pretty heavily with little investment: With a moderate investment into the build, you can get your damage quite high

  • Really good in certain maps: Dervishes absolutely destroy any linear map.

  • Can do most map mods: Some map mods are annoying, but for the most part there's nothing that's a hard-stop for this build.

  • Gotta go fast: This build definitely fits the clearspeed meta

  • Difficult playstyle: Maintaining Rampage stacks is a core component to the build, and newer players may struggle with this

  • Poor defensive options: For the most part, you have no secondary layer of defenses. You can get quite a decently-sized health pool, but that's about it.

  • Suffers in certain maps: Some maps just aren't built for Dervish. Poor density, lots of backtracking, and transition-phase bosses definitely cause the build to suffer

  • Socket starved: Like most minion builds, you definitely need a lot of sockets.

3. Skill Tree, Ascendancies, and Bandits

Skill Tree

23 points

For your first few starting levels, you'll want to focus on picking up as much minion damage as possible. You're able to use SRS at level 4, and that will be your bread and butter for a while. You'll unlock Melee Splash at level 8, and the combination of SRS + Melee Splash is enough to carry you for quite a while.

On tree, we're avoiding Minion Life as much as possible. Because your eventual end goal is to run Dervishes, who don't take damage, Minion Life is fairly useless. You shouldn't find yourself in a situation where your SRS keep dying, but if you do you can always grab a few nearby Minion Life nodes. We're also pathing close to jewel sockets, but don't pick them up quite yet as you probably won't have the jewels available immediately to socket (especially if you're using this as a league starter). If you do find yourself with a really good jewel, feel free to pick up a socket for it.

48 points

We'll continue on pathing towards more Minion Damage/Attack Speed nodes in order to increase the efficacy of your SRS. If you haven't already, I recommend to pick up most of the gems you'll eventually need for your build. All of them scale SRS to an extent (some more than others), so it also makes socketing your leveling gear a lot easier. Grabbing Multistrike, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Minion Damage, and Minion Speed are very helpful.

We're also picking up the aura-cluster, which will allow you to run Wrath and Anger, both linked to Generosity. Even though we don't use Generosity in the final build (since it's provided innately by Victario's Influence), you'll want to use it while leveling. Once you get this up and running, your damage skyrockets and, for the most part, is enough to carry you through the rest of the leveling process on this alone.

If possible, finding a +1 Minion Gem helm is also good. Remember, that you can also try your hand at fossil crafting! Bound Fossils aren't uncommon, and have a chance of crafting +1/2 Minion Gems on helm.

You'll see that we also pick up a few Minion Life nodes. This is to save on points for now, in order to quickly get towards the aura nodes. Later on, we'll be respeccing out of these.

Your first ascendancy goes into Puppet Master, as it gives overall very good bonuses to SRS.

70 Points

From here on out, you'll want to start filling in your jewel sockets (if you haven't already), and pathing towards more life. You'll get your second ascendancy here and stick it in Command of Darkness. This allows you to run a low-level Clarity aura not linked to Generosity, giving you a free 20% resist to all elements.

Once you meet the level requirements, switching over to using a single Dervish this early will help you get used to the playstyle of the build--it's not the most efficient for leveling (since straight SRS spam is probably better), but you might as well start now. In order to do so, you'll probably have to refactor your tree to pick up more Dex. Here, you can remove some of your Minion Life nodes in favor of slightly longer pathing that goes next to a +30 Dex node.

From here on out, you'll basically just head towards more life, your Merciless Lab (don't forget to do it before killing Kitava!), and jewel sockets on the final tree.

Rough skill tree

For the most part, you'll be heading towards life, jewel sockets, and minion damage nodes.

You'll see some inefficient pathing next to several large dexterity nodes, and that's because Dervish requires a high amount of dex to use, and you'll probably need to pick them up early on just to hit the requirements. As your gear progresses, you can start refactoring the tree to be a bit more efficient with nodes. Once you start getting into the higher levels, picking up large +30 strength nodes are good while you wait for enough points to hit up another jewel socket or something.

You will be picking the Necromancer class for your ascendancy.

Your first notable should be Puppet Master. At this point of the game, you'll still be leveling via SRS and this gives good overall bonuses to that playstyle. From there, you'll head to Commander of Darkness for your Cruel lab. Picking this up second helps to balance out your resists at this stage of the game, and also is a big damage increase to your SRS. Your Merciless lab points go into Invoker. Once you're able to get these points, you're at the point where you can swap from SRS to single Dervish. Decreasing the Convocation cooldown helps to keep your Dervish on a tighter leash.

Kill all for the 2 passive points.

4. Gems and Gear


Dervish Setup

Your primary damage setup. Because The Dancing Dervish/Duo comes with a built in active in Manifest Dancing Dervish, this build is able to use 6 support gems. Because The Dancing Dervish/Duo is a hybrid Str/Dex item, it may be difficult to roll a lot of blue sockets on it. For most purposes, your core gem colors will be RRGB, with additional sockets based off of your own personal preference. See the gearing section for more information on what colors you should use, and when.

Multistrike, Damage on Full Life, Additional Accuracy, Minion Damage, Minion Speed, and Elemental Damage with Attacks.

Core Gems (RRGB)

Because your Dervishes are using a unique version of Cyclone, it is able to be affected by Multistrike. Essentially, this functions as a massive MORE multiplier to your Dervishes' attack speed.

Damage on Full Life
Because your Dervishes are always at full health and take no damage, Damage on Full Life is a free MORE multiplier to your Dervishes' damage.

Minion Damage
Your Dervishes are minions, so MORE damage with no drawback is always welcome.

Additional Accuracy
With the new accuracy% nodes on tree, scaling flat accuracy is a gigantic buff to your Dervishes. Increasing the chance to hit is definitely something you'll want to do.

Tertiary Gems (in order of recommendation)

Minion Speed
Minion Speed is a huge quality of life improvement for your Dervishes, and lets them just zip around everywhere. While not necessarily the highest damage, it does feel like it overall improves your already fast clear rate.

Elemental Damage With Attacks
Since most of your damage will be elemental, this is a large MORE multiplier to your damage.

Concentrated Effect
A large MORE multiplier that comes at the cost of AOE. I would recommend trying it out and seeing if the clearspeed is still acceptible. If so, this could be a large boost to damage. I recommend keeping and leveling one of these in your off-hand, because this will useful for large bosses (Atziri, Guardians, Shaper, etc).

Elemental Focus
Elemental Focus gives you a MORE multiplier to elemental damage, which is what your Dervishes will primarily be doing. The drawback isn't too bad, since you're scaling small, quick hits.

Added Lightning Damage
Flat lightning damage acts as a psuedo-MORE multiplier to damage with no drawbacks. It's not good, but it's better than nothing.

Added Cold Damage
Similar to Added Lightning, this is a flat psuedo-MORE multiplier with no drawbacks.

SRS Delivery Mechanism

You'll want to use SRS to trigger your Dervishes, and they do a surprising amount of damage even just on a four link since they also get the benefits of your auras.

Summon Raging Spirits:
Your bread and butter.

Melee Splash:
Gives your SRS the ability to cleave down worms and enemies.

Elemental Damage with Attacks:
Most of the damage your SRS will be doing is elemental, so increasing this is always good.

Spell Echo:
Gets more SRS out, faster.


Quality on your aura gems is a large quality of life improvement. You will often times find your Dervishes going offscreen in pursuit of enemies, and having additional range on auras keeps it covered longer. It's not super necessary, but is something nice to have.

Adds flat lightning damage to your Dervish. Pretty much a no-brainer.

Adds flat fire damage to your Dervish.

Adds cold damage to your Dervish. Because you're not scaling physical damage, Hatred doesn't add a lot. It does, however, give the most DPS of any other aura (aside from the above), even including Haste. In addition, it has way lower Dex requirements than Haste.

You will want Clarity outside of your Victario's Influence in order for it to affect you. This way, you gain a free 20% resistance to all elements via your Ascendancy points. For the most part, you'll want to keep this at a lower level so as to not take up your full mana pool.

Additional Gems (in order of importance)

Flesh Offering
A large damage increase to your Dervishes. Cast this as often as you need to. It also helps to pop the corpses of those pesky exploding spiders in Delve.

Sometimes your Dervishes like to wild out and you lose track of them. Convocation helps to keep them focused on mobs relatively close to you. You can't spam it, but think of it like a gentle tug on their leash to get back to what's important.

Elemental Weakness
Your main damaging curse, equal opportunity elemental damage for everyone!

Desecrate allows you to generate corpses on demand, in order to use Flesh Offering on them. For most mapping purposes you won't need this, but this will allow you to keep Flesh Offering up on some of the larger bosses.

Smite adds a large amount of damage to your Dervishes IF you can keep the buff up. You have a good amount of +duration from your ascendancies, so it's worth trying out. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be a trap to Smite, since you're light on defensive options. The bad thing about Smite is that because YOU, the player, don't have sources of accuracy, often times you'll end up missing your attack, which means you don't get the buff. It's not bad, but it's not good.

Phase Run
With Phase Run being instant cast, using it as much as possible is a nice buff. It lets your Dervishes take a lot of agro, makes you faster, and overall is a nice quality of life buff to use.

Vaal Haste
Similar to Flesh Offering, makes your Dervishes do way more damage. I don't really recommend using it, because you won't be using Haste as an aura, and you're already socket starved as well.

Defensive Links

Just, well, the standard CwDT-Immortal Cry-Increased Duration setup. Personally, I also run Phase Run in it just to give me some options.


Required Items

These items are the bare minimum to make the build work. They are fairly inexpensive and can be picked up early on in a league.

  • The Dancing Dervish:
    Literally the biggest component of the build. Without it, you won't be able to use Dervish at all.

  • Writhing Jar(s):
    Writhing Jar(s) help to force-spawn Dervishes, as well as help to prolong your Rampage stacks when running from pack to pack. At this stage of the game, one or two Jars will be enough. Start planning for the future and only purchase Writhing Jars that have >=14% Reduced Flask Charges Used.

  • Vitario's Influence:
    Victario's Influence is where you'll want your aura setup to be. Coming with a free Generosity link, all three of your auras will be able to support the Dervish right off the bat.

At this stage of the game, my recommendation is to prioritize six-socketing your Dervish as soon as possible, with RRRGBB as your colors (Multistrike, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Damage on Full Life, Additional Accuracy, Minion Damage, and Minion Speed).

Core Items

These items are what the core build uses, and should be affordable enough to aquire pretty quickly.

  • The Dancing Duo:
    Upgrading The Dancing Dervish to The Dancing Duo literally doubles your DPS and clearspeed.

  • 34% Reduced Flask Charges Used:
    Between your flasks and your belt, you'll want a total of 34% Reduced Flask Charges Used. This will allow each Writhing Jar to be used three times instead of twice, which is important for force-spawning Dervishes. Your best bet is to find a belt (preferably Stygian) with 20% Reduced Flask Charges Used.

  • Writhing Jars x3:
    Three Jars at three uses per lets you summon 16 worms (use two flasks fully, and 2/3rds of the third flask) and force-spawn Dervishes.

Upgrading your Dancing Duo should be the first thing you work towards. In order to do so, you'll have to find (or purchase) the prophecy Dance of Steel. Then, you need to kill the Arsenal boss (T13 map) with the Dervish equipped/in your bags. HISTORICALLY, the prophecy has been pretty cheap (1c), however the Arsenal map early in the league may be fairly expensive. The good news is that if it's early on in the league, people WANT to run high-level maps, so you should be able to find a carry quite easily.

At this stage of the game, you'll want to have your Jars setup so that you have the option to force-spawn your Dervishes whenever you want. I wouldn't personally recommend running 3 Writhing Jars in most maps. Instead, running 2 Writhing Jars + 2 utility flasks (Quicksilvers, Stibinites, etc) should suffice. If you find yourself having issues with the playstyle, running 3 Jars does help to mitigate scenarios where you lose your Dervishes between packs.

Luxury Items

These items are what you'll want to work towards. They probably won't be available immediately, and will generally cost the most.

  • Command of the Pit:
    You'll want a Command of the Pit with ONE abyss socket, and throw a Ghastly Eye into it. This satisfies your accuracy requirements and allows you to re-color/gem your Dancing Duo for more damage. Essentially, it acts as a pseudo-link and turns your 7L Dancing Duo into an 8L.

  • 21/X Wrath/Anger
    A 21/0 Wrath/Anger will greatly scale the damage your Dervishes do.

  • 21/X Hatred: Hatred is in a weird spot. At level 21, it offers no actual damage bonus. HOWEVER, at level 22 it adds 1% Additional Physical as Cold damage. Since your Victario's Influence gives +1 to aura gems, a level 21 Hatred gets bumped up to 22. It's definitely not a large increase in damage, and should be the last thing you look into picking up here.

Once you get your Command of the Pit, you can either look into recoloring your Dancing Duo to RRRBBB--replacing Additional Accuracy with Elemental Focus. Alternatively, you can keep your green socket and replace it with Additional Cold Damage.


For most of your jewel sockets, you'll want to be using Ghastly Eyes. In order of importance, look for these modifiers:

  • Life: I mean it's life, what do you expect?

  • Minions have X% Chance to Blind/Taunt on hit with attacks: You'll want to get at least one of each (blind/taunt). Since your Dervishes have extremely high attacks-per-second, even 4-5% of this stat procs quite a bit. It's a good way to add some additional pseudo-mitigation to your build.

  • X% Minion Damage if you've used a Minion Skill recently: You have spammable minion skills, so rolling these are definitely large increases to your damge.

  • +X elemental damage: Rolling flat elemental damage on jewels adds up. Physical damage is okay, but your build scales better with elemental.
  • Minions have X% increased Attack Speed: Faster attacks are always good.

  • Minions have X% increased Attack Speed if you or your minions have killed recently: Faster attacks are always good, and you can pretty much reliably trigger this by using a Writhing Jar.

5. Tips and Tricks
At the start of each map, you'll want to focus on getting your Dervishes up as soon as possible. If you're able to run the triple Writhing Jar, you should be able to pop them immediately by fully using two flasks and then 2 charges of your third Jar. Otherwise, you'll have to suffer through a few mob kills first. Once your Dervishes are out, you just need to start running and hold on for dear life!

A large part of your success will be having a good idea of the map layout. Linear or straightforward maps are much better than closed-room maps, especially since your Dervishes can fly over unpathable terrain but not through walls. You'll want to avoid dead ends if possible, since your Rampage stacks may drop off as you have to retrace your steps.

Minion Speed helps a lot when clearing, but should be swapped out on bosses. Using Concentrated Effect on bosses definitely boosts your damage a lot. As the difficulty goes up, be it through map tiers, delve levels, etc, you may need to permanently swap out Minion Speed for another damaging gem.

For bosses like Elder, Shaper, etc, you'll have to learn when they actually become active in order to time your Dervishes carefully.

6. Videos
Deathless(?) Uber Elder: Warning: Loud noises at the end!
The Watcher's Eye wasn't that good.

Random Uber Elder Guardian

280ish depth Delve.

Really bad example of clearspeed in a T15 Honestly, I should have just re-recorded this but it took forever to upload and I was too lazy.

Good example of clearspeed in a T15 Belfry: ~3 minute run including Kitava and a breach.

7. Path of Building/Current Gear

Path of Building

Don't forget to check your configs! Minions always at full life and Minions have killed recently (or you, since you can reliably trigger this with worms)--roughly 800k+ Shaper DPS with just Dervishes (remember, you get two of them!). This pushes past 1 million if you account for SRS spam too.

Current Gear

As of writing, here's the gear that I'm using. It's included in the POB, but I've included it here so you can just hover over.

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Its definitely nice to see a dervish build that focuses on the dervish, and not other minions. And this is probably the first one that scales elemental damage over physical.
Glad to see "non-standard" minion build.
Can you add some leveling tips? It will be great if you add leveling trees
DraugrMD wrote:
Glad to see "non-standard" minion build.
Can you add some leveling tips? It will be great if you add leveling trees

I've added a few leveling trees to the guide. Hope that helps :)

Also added one more video of actual clear speed and not me just picking up augs for 5 minutes.
Is ruthless not worth it for the dervish links?
scrangos wrote:
Is ruthless not worth it for the dervish links?

Ruthlessness is a theoretical DPS increase (according to POB, at least), but I'm not convinced it's an overall effective damage for regular play. Because of how it should work (every third use of Dervish-cyclone, assuming it follows the old Player-cyclone rules), it'll average out to be more. This means that for single-target, it's a slightly more optimal gem, but for clearspeed it's less good.

I guess it depends on what you find yourself needing. I valued clearspeed quite highly (as you can see from my recommendations of Minion Speed) and there's no good easy swap for single target since it's a different gem color.

Now that I think about it, the best thing to do would maybe be running a different colored Dervish in your offhand, and using that with Ruthlessness for big bosses.
Zeromatter wrote:
scrangos wrote:
Is ruthless not worth it for the dervish links?

Ruthlessness is a theoretical DPS increase (according to POB, at least), but I'm not convinced it's an overall effective damage for regular play. Because of how it should work (every third use of Dervish-cyclone, assuming it follows the old Player-cyclone rules), it'll average out to be more. This means that for single-target, it's a slightly more optimal gem, but for clearspeed it's less good.

I guess it depends on what you find yourself needing. I valued clearspeed quite highly (as you can see from my recommendations of Minion Speed) and there's no good easy swap for single target since it's a different gem color.

Now that I think about it, the best thing to do would maybe be running a different colored Dervish in your offhand, and using that with Ruthlessness for big bosses.

I will try to run the build in 3.5 in a few days and with the new easy white socketing it might be quite interesting to swap to minion speed.
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