[3.4] Scourge Arrow Occultist (Soul Strike) WIP

Hey guys.
To start of with I'm not a native english speaker so please be kind :).
I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I'm currently working on a Scourge Arrow CI Occultist.

The goal is to be able to farm maps somewhat fast (Not comparing to TS HH etc) and also do some bossing/uber lab. Pretty much jack of all trades.

For defense I'm going 8kish energy shield with soul strike. Combined with Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion it seems pretty strong to me.

However, the problem is the offense. I currently have 300kish shaper DPS which in my opinion is quite low. I'm currently using a Doomfletch.

I'm now turning to the forums to see if any of the bright minds here can help me to find a way to bump up the DPS quite a bit without loosing too much defense.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/BZUpCNW4

Any input/feedback is very appreciated :)

Edit: Updated PoB with 2x Transcendent Mind jewels.
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bump :D
Bump :)
Path of building doesn't seem to account for the added damage per stage of scourge arrow, so your damage might be actually much higher, but I'm not sure about this.

I personally don't like doom fletch because it has low attack speed. You will feel bad because you have to stand still while channeling. I think a tempest bow like Mathil did is the best solution. Stacking lightning damage from abyss jewels, and you can free up that faster attack support gem with another damage gem.

How about going shav to free up some auras and to better utilize curses from occultist? You can run an extra curse with that. By the way those new minion nodes near the templar tree are juicy, I would drop the ranger nodes to go for those, it seems more efficient.
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Hope you can learn something from my reconfiguration. Never add so many points in energy shield nodes just try to get the Melding node and Energy from Within: that should boost your ES quite a lot.

Should get ~1 million shaper dps or more if u add triple balanced wise oak, not accounting Mirage Archer.

I set main gems with 0 quality instead of 20, just being real (50k more dmg with them 20).

Obviously would go for 1 additional spore pod, pen on boots enchants (got them as options in the POB)

Frenzy or Orb of Storms for second curse application (personal preference and boss encounter)

Frenzy is a must since u have to maintain frenzy charges while bossing.

Forgot to put blink arrow. Could fit it in Body Armour.

Many green sockets on es based gear could be a pain but achievable.

This is some small thinking, someone could find more useful gimmicks.

PS: found your idea while searching for some scourge arrow starters or some occultist starters.
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