[3.4] Quad Frostbolt Totems Hiero - need some help with next steps @ T12/T13

This is a build that I adapted from Lifting's excellent 3.3 Quad Frostbolt Totems build -


A lot changed in the skill tree and I am coming back after a very long time so I had to adapt.

Build details -

This build uses staves for the bonus to block and added spell block, adding survivability and crit. The staves node is really high value adding offense and defense at the same time and this build uses a staff for the totem gems anyway.

Lots of extra damage and crit picked up going all the way over to the Shadow side of the tree. Assassination is great dps as well as anything that gives crit multiplier.

Some focus on ES for a buffer - I'm only hitting around 2k in my current gear but if I can pick up some more ES it scales very well. I had to drop out of Unnatural Calm unfortunately in order to pick up the Staves node and also to enable the other Frozen Trail gem. Discipline in an Essence Worm really beefs this up without hurting the mana pool.

Pretty standard Hierophant high hp/regen totems after that, optionally taking the +30 dex node when needed.

I'm using Cold Snap w/ cwdt to generate frenzy charges which can be consumed by Phase Run on a separate, higher lvl cwdt. It seems to work well plus the added chill effect % in aoe is nice. Vaal Cold Snap does basically the same thing but on demand. Since skills can't damage this won't freeze or chill on its own, though. Also linked to this are Frost Bomb and Increased Duration Support.

Standard power/endurance charge generation engine from ascendancy but with Ambu's Charge for extra endurance charges.

Gems & Links -

Helm - Socketed Gems supported by Increased AoE

Cast When Dmg Taken (lvl 1) - Vaal Cold Snap - Frost Bomb - Increased Duration

Chest - Ambu's Charge

Cast When Dmg Taken (lvl 6) - Immortal Call - Phase Run - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration

Staff - Taryn's Shiver 5 link

Spell Totem - Frostbolt - Faster Casting - Incrased Crits | Clarity

Gloves - Winds of Change

Projectile Weakness - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration - Increased AoE

Boots - Rainbowstride

Flame Dash - Summon Lightning Golem - Faster Casting - Culling Strike

Ring - Essence Worm


Gear -

Tree (PoB):


I was using a perfect Karui Ward and kind of miss the extra mobility, but Pandemonius's blind and extra pen seems very good.

I'm not sure how to upgrade from here. I have some Shaper items that help me out with cold damage and debuffs.

Right now I'm sitting at:

3.2k hp / 1.7k ES / 2.1k mana

with capped resists over by 10 or more

This feels a little squishy but I'm not sure how to add more tank without sacrificing dps. Is there anything that I should be looking for in terms of upgrades?

I also wonder if the investment in ES is worth the return. I could probably invest in pure HP and HP regen for fewer points which would leave more for something else.

I'd really like to take the Cold node at the top of Witch for the damage and debuff bonuses but I have no idea what to drop.

I could also invest more into +1 endurance/power charges but I'd rather not rely on them.
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