[3.4] 14 auras Shavronne's aurabot (9k ES, Smite, Group Fortify, 39/17 Block)

Hello, you may know me by my IGN LaraCroftDepthsDelver, I join public parties pretty often. My profile is public so you can import the character to Path of Building if you want. Note that aura reservation calculations may not be 100% accurate on POB and on Mikelat's aura calculator, there were some rounding errors last time I've checked.

+Runs all 14 auras + Smite and 1 vaal aura
+Group Fortify with The Vigil
+Generates Consecrated Ground (+6% life & mana regen)
+Room for a Golem and an Animated Guardian
+Up to 9k ES (with substantial investment of course)
+Needs no Enlighten gems
+Needs no Elemental Resistances on gear/jewels
+Needs only merciless helmet enchant, which is way cheaper than Uber ones
+Reliable Offering proc with a CWC setup
+3 movement skills (Shield Charge, Charged Dash, Consecrated Path)
+Chaos damage does not bypass energy shield (Coruscating Elixir makes me all stressed out lol)
+Runs any map mods, including No Regen thanks to investment in ES recharge

-Not cheap
-Requires friends :(
-No curses, if you want curses go make a cursebot
-No stun immunity, although the Pantheon works just fine imo

At lvl 98 (Bone Offering active, no flasks)

Mandatory gear

Alpha's Howl with merciless Reduced Mana Reservation enchant of any aura except Clarity.

Shaped Amulet with 5% Reduced Mana Reserved.
Ideally with Grants lvl 22 Grace or Vitality Aura but if you cannot find one, you can just drop Consecrated Path.

Shavronne's Wrappings to prevent Chaos damage bypass.

United in Dream for the Envy aura.

Prism Guardian.
Ideally with +2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems or +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems corruption, but it's not required.

Watcher's Eye with -(9 or 10) to Total Mana Cost of Skills while affected by Clarity

The Vigil, Conqueror's Efficiency and Conqueror's Potency are mandatory

6 jewels with 1% Reduced Mana Reserved corruption.
We have 9 jewel sockets, and 4 unique jewels are mandatory. This means you have to get at least one of those (Conqueror's Efficiency seems to be the cheaper one) with the corruption and you're free to fill the rest of the sockets with trash corrupted jewels if you want to go the cheap way.

My gear

Other than the mandatory gear, you just need high ES on the other slots, and some attributes if you need them. Flasks choice is totally up to you, although I highly recommend a Curse Immunity flask.

Estimated value (may not be accurate at the time you read this):
United in Dream 2.3ex
Alpha's Howl 1.5ex
+2 Prism Guardian 4ex
Shavronne's Wrappings 0.5ex
Gloves 4ex (what a steal lol, divinable to 307es)
30% perfect ES Sin Trek 2ex
Shaped Amulet 0.25ex (another sweet deal)
2x The Pariah 0.7ex
20% Wrath Bated Breath 1ex
Watcher's Eye 0.5ex
Rest of the jewels 6ex
Total : about 22.75ex for near perfect gear

My Tree (lvl 98)
Ascendancy : Necromancer, Guardian and lastly Path of the Witch.
Pantheon : Soul of the Brine King to avoid stun lock, Soul of Shakari to deal with Chaos damage and for Poison immunity (I don't have any chaos resistance).
Bandits : Kill all.


*If you do not have Grace aura from your amulet, you just have to replace Consecrated Path with it. If your amulet Grants Vitality, switch out Vitality for Grace in your helmet.

Smite + Generosity
Animate Guardian

Anger + Wrath + Generosity

Purity of Lightning
Purity of Fire
Purity of Ice

Shield Charge + Vigilant Strike + Consecrated Path + Faster Attacks

Hatred + Vaal Haste + Determination + Generosity

Grants Grace

Purity of Elements

Charged Dash + Cast While Channeling + Bone Offering + Desecrate (lvl 1)
Clarity (lvl 1)
Stone Golem

*Generosity in the weapon is mandatory since it affects the Envy aura provided by United in Dream.

Why use Charged Dash instead of Flame Dash/Leap Slam/[insert other movement skill]?
1) Flame Dash costs 10 mana at lvl 1, while Charged Dash costs 4, so you only need -9 To Total Mana Cost of Skills on your Watcher's Eye for the Shield Charge.
2) Charged Dash does not have a Cooldown.
3) Charged Dash is a channeling skill, so it can proc Cast While Channeling + Bone Offering + Desecrate, which provides you and your minions with block and spell block, not only during boss encounters, but also on the fly, by letting you move while using the Offering.

Also this method allows a lvl 20 Offering, which is not possible to be cast manually since it requires (16-22) mana which is well over the (9-10) mana cost from Watcher's Eye.

It is more reliable than CWDT, since you can precast it before you get hit and maintain it 100% up during a boss encounter. To use CWDT with a lvl 20 Bone Offering would require you to be hit for 3272 damage, which is ridiculous.

Lastly, it occupies the same amount of sockets that Flame Dash + CWDT + Desecrate + Bone Offering would anyway. The only trade off is that you have to be more active, which is fair.

Is Consecrated Path really necessary?
No, you are free to replace it with whatever, but 6% regen is really sweet, it also helps keeping your minions alive. You can also use it to teleport to mobs, which makes it easier to hit them with Vigilant Strike. Also it looks cool.

Some alternatives (feel free to suggest more):
-Put Animate Guardian instead of Consecrated Path, and link Smite + Generosity + Empower 4 in the weapon instead, this will give you up to lvl 24 Smite.
-Portal Gem, always handy.
-Decoy Totem (lvl1).
-Raise Spectre, with your spectre of choice.
-Some other vaal skill gem.

Can I drop Purity of Elements for a Blasphemy?
Always up to you! Just drop Consecrated Path to free up a socket. But you might need to invest in Elemental Resistances to make up for the loss, and most people already use their own curse(s), so there's no point in doing so in my opinion...


Helmet : Leer Cast for 15% increased damage aura.
Chest : Bloodbond for +(15-25)% increased life and +1% regen.
Boots : Victario's Flight for 10% increased movement speed aura.
Gloves : Southbound for +(12-16)% increased life.
Weapon : Singularity for 25% slow aura.
Shield : Sentari's Answer for 30% Attack Block, 5% Spell Block and Curse up to 3 Curses on Block ignoring curse limit.

You can also replace the weapon and shield with Dying Breath for 18% increased damage aura, but I find that the Singularity + Sentari combo is much better for survival, and has nice synergy with Bone Offering.

If you're rich, you can get Crown of the Tyrant which grants flat added damage of the element of your choice to attacks and spells as well as reducing enemies' resistances by 10%.

If you worry about your AG dying, you can always unsummon it before it dies by weapon-swapping if the gem is in your weapon.

I started the league with this character, so I had 0 power leveling gear.

This is a softcore character, and I had no intention of wasting precious Regret Orbs to respec to aurabot later on, so I just followed the endgame tree, speccing into ES, Aura nodes and jewel sockets.

Yes I'm very cheap when it comes to leveling.

Now how did I even deal damage without any investment into damage? Ever since it came out, I've been using Cremation, which is available at lvl 28, to level any character that has no damage on tree. You just use it in a +1 fire 3l weapon until lvl 41, where you have to waste an alch to buy a Nycta's Lantern. To generate corpses, I use Desecrate.

You can support it with either of Concentrated Effect, Lesser/Greater Multiple Projectiles, Elemental Focus, Added Lightning/Cold, Controlled Destruction, etc... It just works. Also use Heralds of Lightning/Ice/Stone and a little Clarity if you can to help the mana cost.

This combo is enough to carry you to Act 10 without any damage on tree.

If you have a Tabula, you can just use whatever you want, really.
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