[3.4] The Drunken Moonwalker. Projectile weakness + minions is hidden OP!

It's time to make your enemies moonwalk. Here's the recipe:

1) Fill the screen with projectiles using projectile minions

2) Fill your support slots with spell echo, faster projectiles, faster casting, greater multiple projectiles

3) Run Temporal Chains, Projectile weakness and enfeeble in a Heretics Veil

4) Run around Wraeclast to find angry enemies. Get them drunk (slowed a lot) by filling the screen with projectiles (your graphics card will suffer, and everything goes blurry). Turn them into happy, dancing the moonwalk, type drunks using the knockback property of projectile weakness.

Why play this build?

- Super reflex friendly build that only needs one button push, and has no need to position yourself in relation to enemies. If you are close to them, they get knocked back anyhow.
- While not a super fast clearspeed build, clearing and bossing is brainless, and there is not much to slow you down except picking up loot (not much casting, not much need to dodge or move sideways)
- Core items are cheap and 6 link is not necessary
- Curses and projectiles are superb for easily mapping and clearing trash
- Profane bloom makes cool purple explosions
- 3 defensive curses and (eventually) high hybrid EHP + regen make it hard for monsters to kill you
- Super safe and easy delving to depth 200 (so far)
- It's actually a pretty sweet meme build that is fun, and has some decent synergies

What will suck about this build?

- not HC or SSF viable
- weak levelling build
- Not a superb movespeed build
- You need ascendencies, but this build sucks at lab runs. Your defensive curses and knockback don't affect traps and ground effects.
- Screen death from too much going on. You won't see what kills you
- You do not have good defenses vs ground effects, and you won't see them
- End game will need expensive jewels: 60 chaos each to get high life and ES rolls
- Items need level 69 to be all usable: 62 for soulwrest, 67 for heretics veil, 69 for bubonic trail
- Will need some good resists and stats on gear to level easily
- Not a good league starter because you need specific uniques and you need almost all your resists from gear. This is not difficult or expensive to achieve, but would be much tougher at the start of a league.
- Not for all content. Some bosses will kill all your minions fast, and be annoying for this build. The build loses about half its damage, and a lot of its mitigation vs shaper. Curses suck for bossing!


Chest: Any 5 or 6 link chest will do. There are a lot of contenders for BIS here, because a lot of defensive chests or offensive chests will work well. Vis mortis is what I like because nice energy shield and an extra spectre.

Helmet: Heretics Veil

Gloves: Shaper Rare with "socketed gems are supported by faster casting and blind"

Boots: Bubonic Trail

Weapon: Soulwrest

Rings: Resists and stats

Amulet: Star of Wraeclast is good for the movement spell and curse area of effect. Any amulet will be fine, and the rich can choose a presence of chayula for extra energy shield and chaos resists


Helmet: Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Projectile weakness, Enlighten (optional) or utility

Weapon: Summon phantasm on kill, faster projectiles, Greater Multiple Projectiles, minion damage, faster casting, controlled destruction (These are very optional, and can be replaced with a lot of other combinations, including: minion speed, greater multiple projectiles, volley, knockback, blind, chance to flee, added cold damage, added fire damage)

Gloves: Vaal Summon skeleton > Spell Echo > Faster projectiles > greater multiple projectiles

Body: Raise Spectre > Spell echo > Faster Projectiles > Minion damage > Added Cold damage > Cold Penetration. Choose for your fifth or sixth from: (pierce, empower, cold penetration, volley, faster casting, slower projectiles, GMP, added cold damage, hypothermia, ice bite)

Boots: Faster Casting > Desecrate > Flesh Offering

Ring or utility: Convocation, frost wall, decoy totem, stone, chaos or lightning golem, animate guardian, immortal call


Careful planning will help a lot with dexterity requirements
2 X dead reckoning jewels
1 X from dust
1 X unending hunger (optional)
1- 4 x Ghastly eye jewels with an ES mod, a life mod, and a minion mod are best. At the time of posting, 45 life and 45 ES on a jewel was about 60 chaos


Anything goes, but I choose solaris and garukthal for a bit of movespeed and elemental protection

Bandits: Kill all


None are required, and there are a lot of useful ones, so no need to get picky. Any defensive enchantments are best on Gloves and Boots.
For helm, any enchant that affects any of your skills would be great. BIS will be temporal chains or projectile weakness effect increase.


Profane Bloom > Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Malediction


This is not a league starter. Levelling will suck if you do not have at least a tabula rasa.

Targets should be:
* level 4 get a SRS gem
* Get movespeed boots and a quicksilver flask ASAP
* Level 8 link a minion damage gem
* I believe summon skeletons is better than SRS for levelling (much higher base damage and no mana issues) so at level 10 switch to skeletons
* Use melee skeletons with melee splash and melee physical damage until you get 3 jewel slots.
* once you have 3 jewel slots, get 2 X dead reckoning and 1 X from dust
* By now you are hopefully running a 6 link skeleton mage setup
* Level 62 equip a 6 socket Soulwrest
* Level 67 equip a Heretics Veil
* About Level 69 is when you can get decent gloves with faster casting and blind supports for a pseudo 6 link. Once you get these, move the skeletons in here for mass blinding. Move the Raise spectre into your body armour
* At 69 you can equip a bubonic trail and now have much less need to manually cast desecrate + flesh offering to get phantasms. Just walking should keep 20 minions active.
* About level 75 you can get your last ascendency.

Things to be wary of:
No regen maps suck cos you can't cast skellies easily. You either reroll these or take off a curse and bring a mana potion.

Up to Tier 13 maps and 200 Delve, and so far only ground effects or traps have been able to get the energy shield down (I haven't used a health pot in sooo long)

I died a lot in the lab. This is mainly because I'm used to playing builds that are brainlessly tank any traps, so I forget to dodge them sometimes with this build that has poorer physical mitigation.

I died a few times to something, but the screen was full of lag so I don't know what. It was almost certainly some ground effect or trap

* Died to a rippy T13 malformation map - The boss just wiped out all minions in one go, and I couldn't replace them fast enough. (I had done this map before easily, however.)

Current Progress, Defence and Damage Calculations


Current Progress:
See 'Skelly_Mages_are_HC' in character info for tree and items

- 2 spectres. Any projectile spectre will do, but I love frost sentinels
- 20 Phantasms
- 8 skeleton mages
- 9 archers and 8 mages from vaal skeletons

Minions X cast rate X number of projectiles X spell echo are:
Skeletons 16 X 6 X 3 X 2 = 576
Phantasms 20 X 2 X 3 X 1 = 120
archers 9 X 1 X 3 = 27
Spectres 2 X 3 X 2 = 12

= 735 projectiles per second

Expected Stats:

50 chaos budget at level 94 = 4K life, 4K ES

400 choas budget at level 94 = 4.7K life, 4.7K ES

* Regen will be a respectable 500 Life and up 1500 ES depending on enemies killed recently

* Stun immunity while energy shield is up

* 10% less damage dealt by enemies from malediction

* For all content that can be knocked back, your chance to be hit is reduced to almost nil by the evasion, blind, knockback and temporal chains.

* If you do happen to be hit, the mitigation is huge. For mobs, the damage you take is halved by enfeeble, halved again by temporal chains slowing them, then reduced a bit more by chill.

* enemies always blinded by skelly mages


50 chaos budget at level 94:
Phantasms = 20 X 20K = 400K shaper DPS
Mages = 8 X 10K = 80K shaper DPS
Spectres = 3 X 40K = 120K shaper DPS\

Total is 600K shaper DPS. For mapping, add unknown damage from bubonic trail and profane bloom (it's actually quite good, as mobs are almost always grouped!)
For bossing, add in unknown damage from vaal skeletons (At this point I've not reached shaper, but I predict it will be a bad shaper and Elder build no matter what we do)

400 chaos budget at level 94:
Phantasms = 20 X 25K = 500K shaper DPS
Mages = 8 X 15K = 120K shaper DPS
Spectres = 3 X 60K = 180K shaper DPS

Total is 800K shaper DPS plus unknown amounts from vaal skeletons


Effectiveness = 25% from ascendencies, 30% from tree (rounded to 50% to make math easier)
Temporal Chains = 30% * 1.5 = 45% slower
Enfeeble = 30% * 1.5 = 45% less accuracy, crit multiplier and damage
Projectile weakness = 25% * 1.5 = 37% chance to be knocked back by each projectile and 37% longer to perform the knockback animation

Vs bosses

*50% increased and 60% reduced leaves 10% reduced curse effectiveness*
Temporal chains = 30% * 0.9 = 27% slower
Enfeeble = 27% less accuracy, crit, damage
Projectile weakness = 25% * 0.9 = 22.5% chance to be knocked back

Vs shaper
*50% increased and 80% reduced = 30% reduced
Temporal Chains = 30% * 0.7 = 21% slower
Enfeeble = 21% less damage, accuracy and crit
Projectiles weakness = 25% *0.7 = 17.5% chance to be knocked back



T7 Ramparts map: https://youtu.be/mrUZ3BxRph0
Level 100 Delve: https://youtu.be/r8c1nyERK_Q

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I think you deserve a reply for this build, it is indeed fun and I'm not even fully geared (lvl 75)!

First I really liked you're Physical skeletons + zombies build, that's why I decided to give a try to this one.
But man, this one is really much less well-written that the previous one.

Leveling is quite lacking indeed (I decided to follow the patch of a regular skelly mages build ie https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2130105), dexterity hungry and much slower than your physical build.

I choose to make some modif to take more jewel slot (aiming for the resist stuff and jewel slot too).

Will keep you update about the change because you deserve it.
Will keep you update about the change because you deserve it

Haha, thanks Rafutela! I didn't write a full guide because this build does not have the synergy of the other build for all content. I have also yet to test a good variety of content with it, and have not optimised it. Please do share the improvements you find.

I'm finding it is super safe and simple to play once you get your gear sorted. I'm currently level 92 and doing red tier maps without being touched. I just spent a ton of currency so I could compare this build with a golem build for clear speed and this one wins hands down.

I'm now spending more currency so see if poison, or Herald of agony can be worked in here somehow....
I see that you put a summon phantasm gem on your staff but the build doesn't really need it (I've put a summon skeleton instead), is there a particular reason ?

I have a 5L soulwrest with skeleton/minion dmg/spell echo/faster proj/GMP which boost both my skelly mages and my phantasm accordingly, which let me get something else for the gloves but I haven't decide yet (maybe at higher lvl)
Maybe I have something here ...
I see that you put a summon phantasm gem on your staff but the build doesn't really need it (I've put a summon skeleton instead), is there a particular reason ?

I have a 5L soulwrest with skeleton/minion dmg/spell echo/faster proj/GMP which boost both my skelly mages and my phantasm accordingly, which let me get something else for the gloves but I haven't decide yet (maybe at higher lvl)
Maybe I have something here ...

For some reason the soulwrest staff can give you 20 phantasms if you put that support in there. 20 phantasms add a lot of single target damage and a lot of projectiles, which add to the defence of the knockback. The best part is that you don't need to link it, just get 6 sockets.

Regarding the 5 links - I think the main thing the build lacks is safe single target damage for those bosses you can't knockback. If you can find something for the gloves that fits this, that would be superb. (I briefly tried bear trap ...)

Last edited by grimlock9999 on Oct 12, 2018, 3:44:19 AM
I have a 5L soulwrest with skeleton/minion dmg/spell echo/faster proj/GMP which boost both my skelly mages and my phantasm accordingly, which let me get something else for the gloves but I haven't decide yet (maybe at higher lvl)
Maybe I have something here ...

I've hit Tier 14 maps and delve level 233. Build is still going strong with super easy and fast clears, and no damage taken 90% of the time.

I experimented with a whole bunch of options. While it's hard to tell with this build what is going on I think mixing skeleton mages with phantasms won't work because: Spell echo doesn't support phantasms, and the blind from a pair of shaper rare gloves + faster casting is much better synergy.

Haven't found any good poison combo, but definitely recommend GMP over damage gems for the phantasms.

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