[3.4] NecromancerHybrid~1.25M DPS Zombies+Full Solar Guards[Ulab,Shaper,Guardians,Delve 260 approve]

What is this build about/What is new for Necromancer

I tried to build a Necromancer, that can get max damage from Zombies and maximum damage from Spectres, and i think i got it to a pretty good level.
Most builds only build Spectres and take Zombies as Defence Ressource but with this build Zombies are your main ressource for single target Damage.

Zombie Damage (Slam Attack) for each Zombie (you have 11-12)

Spectre Damage (Flame Senitels) for each Spectre (you have 4)

+Nearly everything, u got the party growd
+you can fokus on avoid damage on yourself

-maybe clearspeed we Shield Charge around and don't have 300%+ movementspeed
-Not much Evasion/Physical Damage Reduction/Dodge/Block pur fokus on Life/Energy Shield

1.Path of Building

Just kill them all


1. Invoker
2. Soul Weaver
3. Flesh Binder
4. Commander of Darkness

4.Passive Skill Tree


The Scourge.
The cheapest high damage ressource we can get for our Minions. So its the perfekt item for us.

The Elder Helmet.
This is one of our must have Items for the Hybrid Zombie+Solar Spectre Build.
For our Ascendancynote we want to have:
Level 20 Minion Damage
Level 20 Minionlife Support
If u can afford it later on you can have a look for +2 or +3 Minion Gems Support this will raise our Damage to the 1.1 Million
Try to get an energy shield base.

Must have for spectre builds
Unholy Might is pretty cool

+1 to Spectes +1 to Zombies. U Might change this to Rare Boots with +1 to Spectres

Either we take Astramentis for Gems
Or u take a rare Elderbased +1 to maximum Zombies
with Dex and Life Roll (Than maybe skill a +30 to Dexterity, too)

For survivability i take an +Life +Energy Shield Shield.
Damage is high enough and i didn't want to skill Necromatic Aegis.
To much Skillpoints for to less afford.

life/energy shield/resistance

+1 to Abyss Socket for surivalability
Life/Energy Shield/Resistance

Life/Energy Shield/Resistance

Life/Energy Shield/Resistance

6. Jewels

Unending Hunger

Must have for Spectre Builds. 1 is enough

2x Violent Dead

Here we get some damage for our Minions. As much as possible->two Jewels

+ Life + Energy Shield + Minions Taunt/Blind/Movement Speed
The Rest are survibality jewels. Blind/Taunt are some nice effects on our enemies. You mostly find it in Ghastly Eye Jewels

7. Gems

- Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Minion Damage, GMP,SPS for Bosses, Controlled Destruction, Elemental Focus

You can raise them in this Areas.
[58] The Battlefront
[59] The Solaris Temple Level 1
[59] The Solaris Temple Level 2
[60] Harbour Bridge
Use Desecrate to newly raise them in higher level Areas

Use them in your Six-Link Chest

-Raise Zombie(Best 21),Empower (Best 4), Melee Damage Support, Concentrated Effect Support

Use them in your Helmet they profit massive from +Level to Socket Gems

Ball Lightning, Enfeeble, Curse on Hit Support, Desecrate

Haste, Flesh Offering, Summon Chaos Golem, Purity of Elements

Sidenote: Purity of Elements is nice for us (We can Overcap and don't need to have that much Resistance and nice for our Minions for Survibality

Shield Charge/Leap Slam (What you prefer), Fortify Support, Faster Attacks Support

Immortal Call(Level 3), CWDT(Level 1), Convocation(Level 5)

8.The Pantheon

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Ryslatha



Beyond Crafted T15 Basilica Map
Some Lags here but for now i hope it is enough.
Forgot to switch back to GMP after Bossfight

Delve 277 Monster Level 83
Pretty Slow Playstyle

11.Question & Answer
to be continued


Flame Golem is bad/change it with Clarity/Chaosgolem

13. Missing Parts
-Maybe some Vids
-Correction of Language Fails

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Yeah Nice Work (y) :)
Looks like a solid build!
I switched over to this build a few days ago and it's been working out nicely :)
unrealluke wrote:
I switched over to this build a few days ago and it's been working out nicely :)

I'm happy to hear that :-)

if you have improvements or questions don't be shy to ask:-)
Nice build.

- You should mention the fact that now, you can get "+1 to maximum number of Spectres" on rare boots, as well as rare chests. For your build it's a bit tricky because you do benefit from the ES on vis mortis, and the +1 to zombies on ullr, but it can be nice to have more mvt speed, life and res at the cost of 1 zombie maybe.

- In the jewel section you mention "+ Cold Damage to Minions". What do you mean? Afaik, minions dont trigger EE, so it's up to you to trigger it with cold or lightning for spectres to do more damage. And you already have ball lightning/arc for that, so I dont get it.

- Personally, I prefer the MoM version, I dont feel like 2k es that doest regen well helps that much, but if it works for you, it works!
Track your map runs: http://pathofmaps.com

Retired item indexer: https://github.com/niuage/poexplorer
-Didn't know,thanks for the info
i think i wouldn't change the Vis Mortis, cause the Zombies might also profit from Unholy Might. 10 Seconds are even long enough for some Boss Fights.
But the Boots are definitly changeable
-Didn't know, thanks for the info
-I tried a bit with mom. But the Mana Reservation is pretty high, so I went for ES

Thanks for the huge improvments :-O
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First time trying a summoner build out and having fun with this so far. Thanks for the write up.
in which order should I get the passives? which first?

any temporary replacement for the astramentis or helm?
You mention 3 jewels that need +40 intelligence in radius. I see 2 jewel slots that easily fit this but I am having a hard time finding where the 3rd jewel goes. Maybe I'm blind or maybe it's just my newbness lol. Can anyone help me out here?

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