3.4 - [Ice Nova, CwC, Cospri's] Build Idea - Sharing and looking for Suggestions

Hey Guys,


i was looking for a way to create an Ice Nova build, since i loved to play BoomSorc back when D3 was released.

It took me a while, since im pretty noobish (its the third season im playin) and dont know a lot about the items and scaling. but finally i found something that atleast could be kind of a thing.

Build so far:

Have been playing with

however i recently prefered ES more then area of effect, for which reason im playin with a rare Shield and have a Shaped 6Socketed in my Stash im trying to get 6L before Fossil Crafting it.

CwC instead of CoC:

So i got this Ice Nova thing kind of running with Cospri's Malice combined with Blade Flurry and CwC. The Reason im running CwC and not CoC is single target (e.g. Essence Rares) is lacking of Crit, since I dont have any accuracy. Overall CwC seems more reliable.
2x Cospri's and CoC are really great for Clearing, bigger Rares are really tough with that setup tho, and im still lacking of defenses.

Freeze Potential?:
I tried to get this build capable of freezing Unique bosses with Freezing Pulse + Frost Bomb, it didnt work out tho. Maybe it would if i could have 2 curses? Or maybe it would Work with a 6l body armour?
In PoB it says, how much max life monster may have for me to be capable of freezing him, however i dont know how much they actually have, so it was a lot of painfull testing, with no great result.

Current Status:
Overall i decided to make Map Progress with my League Starter Caustic Arrow and then farm Maps and do delve, for which this Build is great so far.

Still, i wonder what would more experienced players change / adjust.
What do you think would this concept be capable of, even if it meant to change some gem's for certain situations? What would you recommend me aim for next?

Thanks for any reply or interest in advance!

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If you can do it, using the helmet Indigon you can scale your damage up by thousands of %, the downside is you have to build strongly around mana (max/leech/regen).

If done correctly, after ramping up Indigons cost/damage effects, you can easily freeze bosses, although chances are you will kill most bosses too quick for that to matter.

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