[3.7] The Unarmed Queen [Facebreaker] | All Content with YOUR prefered UNARMED Skill Gem

TKeximus wrote:
I'm confused on the skill tree for leveling. You say go straight to claw but it shows you branch off to Marauder from start. Am i suppose to take the Dex nodes all the way to claw and acrobatics and then refund after i can branch off of shadow? Or branch to Marauder from start and then take claw later when i can?

I don't see anything like this, but of course
you must take all the dex at first and refund em later
check the levelling trees again
Played the build for some time now and I'm enjoying it!

I've stumbled across the new Blood and Sand/Flesh and Stone gems and I was wondering wether they are worth including into the build due to their aoe/damage buff...
Hey man!

I really love your build (running with Consecrated Path), but I’ve noticed something odd; the Claw of the Favon node is not reachable? Old Passive Tree?

Would love an answer to how I should reach it... :)

Anyways, lovely guide!

+ for the part with the enchantments. I learned a lot!

Edit: Found what was wrong; PoEMate for iOS.
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Is the Surrender a viable option as a high end gear for this? Are changes needed to make this work? Like adding precision somewhere or changing ascendancy?
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This is only my second character ever on POE, so excuse me if I'm asking a dumb question. I'm level 40 and really struggling with intel. I want to switch out my old amulet for one that better suits leveling the build, but I need the intel for the smite gem. Thoughts?
Is this build still viable since recent update as starting one now
The damage got a little bit of a nerf for Cyclone, but unarmed Cyclone has a much larger range and still works great!
Nice, and also, where to i situate the unnatural instinct jewel? as there is no PoB link for me to follow and the planner seems broken somehow

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