[3.4] StaticStrike Inquisitor SSF for lazy Newbies - Work in progress!!

Greetings exile,

this is a (theorycrafted)build for people who are (like me) lazy, work most of the day and are not good enough in this game to play all these builds with billions of side skills.

I came up with an idea for a build I can play at the start of a new league which brings me to mapping and exploring new league content easily without thinking about uniques, spending currency and min/maxing everything.

As it's written in the Title, it is work in progress. I just started trying out my theory and am currently on lvl 52 with shit gear and not even running all the gem setups I want to.

So here it comes:

Build Idea
Taking the skill Static Strike with its new rework, putting it together with Herald of Thunder and get as many Charges as we can to use Discharge in a cwdt setup. Playing with a Templar/Inquisitor with sceptre and shield this should us give enough survivability and scaling options for ele and phys dmg, so we can reach maps.

Pros and Cons (so far)

* facetank nearly everything until now
* you don't even have to use flasks
* One handed Gmaing - Use the right mouse button and the 3rd mouse button for Tempest Shield. That's it.

* You get used to not doing anything else than clicking the two buttons, so sometimes you find yourself in a near death experience without being prepared


The theoretical skill tree:


Currently being about somewhere in the Marauder section.


Pious Path
Augury of Penitence
Instruments of Virtue

Kill them

Skill Gems

6L Static Strike: Static Strike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Innervate - Multistrike - Physical to Lightning

4L Tempest Shield: Tempest Shield - Increased Duration - Innervate - Lightning Penetration

4L Stun: Reckoning - Vengeance - Stun - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

4L cwdt: cwdt - Shock Nova - Blood Rage - Discharge

3L Curse: Blasphemy - Increased Area of Effect - Assassin's Mark

3L HoT: Herald of Thunder - Added Lighning Damage - Lightning Penetration

--> Basically everything triggers itself. We get power charges with the curse, endurance charges with the counter attacks, frenzy charges with blood rage. At the moment discharge finally triggers, we should be on max charges. HoT triggers as soon as the first few whiteys die, so you just walk around and look how the

Right now my Skill Gem setup is still not what it should be. I am running with a Holic Relic and a Flame Golem, but it still works, so no need for stressing out to find the right gear. Yesterday I noticed that fighting Bosses starts feeling squishy in Act 6 so I think now is the time to finally change to the right setup and cap resis.

So yeah, that's it so far. If I find the time to upload all this fancy Pictures of the right skill setups and so on, I will add it. For now, I will keep you updated with the progress.
At some point I will add a Gear section where I put in my BiS opinions.

As I said: Please give me feedback and come up with ideas. I would really like to know if this build could work or not. As I am relatively new to this game and have nearly no experience in Endgame content I would like to have some input from the community.

Thanks for reading and see you in Wraeclast.
Last bumped on Sep 28, 2018, 9:42:33 AM
How's everything coming along? Any updates or gameplay videos?

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