[3.4] Sleep's One-Handed Flickerstrike Gladiator (Reave For Delves)

Hey everyone, It's SleepDeprived aka Harvey and I'm here to share the flickerstrike character I've been playing recently. Most of the time I see this skill used is either with Terminus Est or The Red Trail and some sort of self bleeding so I wanted to do something a little bit differently.

I've ended up relying on the frenzy charge generation from bloodrage and Gladiator's "Outmatch and Outlast" node, and for the most part it's been going rather well. I never intended to use this sorta build to fight bosses, only to quickly flicker around maps and use shield charge to get from pack to pack.

With rather cheap gear I've been able to run maps up to and including T16's without too much of an issue aside from the occasional tanky map/rare that keeps us from killing and in turn generating frenzy charges.

Two Quick Videos

T13 Mud Geyser https://youtu.be/i2oTQWjUUgI
Level 80 Delve W/ Reave https://youtu.be/o1x4gVgFXhI

I'm using the gear listed on the budget setup for the videos. You can see on the 1st one that sometimes the 1st pack is iffy. After you get some frenzies though it's smooth sailing.


+ Rather Cheap to get started
+ Fast Mapper
+ Generic leveling tree (Can easily level with melee skills of your choice)
+ Needs a limited # of uniques at 1st, can be replaced with rares later
+ Investing into better gear feels good
+ Pretty bulky despite how fast it is


- Can't do bosses w/o double strike
- Beyond is iffy
- Need to switch skills for delve
- Can't Do ele-reflect and certain tanky mods makes it awk
- Is flickerstrike

Gem Links

Gems are linked in the order you want them connected on your gear. I added a Reave set up that i used during delves right below the flicker strike.



Budget Gear

Order Of Investments

As you start investing into better gear, I think you'd wanna start 1st with "The Red Dream" Since it'll make good use of the "Outmatch and Outlast" node, giving you 10% phys reduction ontop of the bit that 3 endurance charges would give you. After that you wanna get a Shaper ring with curse on hit Assassins mark, and replace your oskarms with a pair of spiked gloves that make up for the resistances you'd probably lose when switching jewelery. From there pick up a loreweave since it's disgusting on ele conversion melee builds, and eventually a watcher's eye w/ the hatred enchant. After that, whenever you can or want to just start upgrading your rares and enjoy the speedy map clears o/ .

Current Gear


I used dual weilding Cleave->Sunder while leveling until I got my Merc lab completed. I picked up mainly life + dual wielding damage nodes until i was able to switch into crit & flickerstrike at around level 75.

Level 30

I took the dual weilding nodes right at Duelist start then headed over to resolute technique.

Level 60

I pick up a bit more life and start heading towards the ranger's side of the tree, getting some more dual wielding nodes and picking up more life here and there. I also end up doing my normal and cruel lab, picking up "Blood in the eyes" and "Gratuitous Violence"

Level 80

By level 80 I switch to swords and start picking up crit/elemental damage. I get rid of my dual weilding nodes For the elemental cluster on the bottom right of the tree and switch my axe nodes into sword ones. I also start going crit at about the same time. I don't use Flicker strike until i get my merc lab done and pick up the frenzy charges.

Current Tree at 95

This is the 1st time I'm posting a guide on the forums so please lemmie know what I can do to make it all come together better. If you wanna watch me play this or some other kinda build visit me @ https://www.twitch.tv/sleepdeprived_lul and thanks for taking the time to read my buiild "guide".
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