[3.4] Disintegration and Obliteration - BV poison trickster. Max 7.5 Mil Shaper DPS.(WIP)

I saw there is a pathfinder BV poison build so I tried my hand at making a trickster version. I haven't done Shaper yet with build and it isn't min/maxed completely so I appreciate any criticism/advise on improving the build. This is my first guide and I only play Poe casually.


Decent clearspeed with obliteration.
Fairly tanky with Temp Chains and about 5k life 1k es, leech, and block.
Good single target dps.
Cheap to start and can scale with money.
Really easy delving.
Not as laggy as elementalist bv builds.


Has some mana sustain problems with bosses.
A lot of dps comes from curses and some bosses are "curse immune" which is different from "hexproof" also Shaper has 80% less effect of curses.
Map mods can be annoying and expensive to reroll.
Clear speed not as fast as some other builds.

Map Mods

You can pretty much do all map mods, no one mod alone is a dealbreaker although if multiple bad mods roll its just easier to reroll the map.

% less effect of curses.
% chance monsters to avoid being poisoned.
% chaos resist.
Monsters cannot be slowed below base speed.
Phys reflect - can still hurt just keep life flask going.
No regen - Can run into mana issues.
Temp Chains - you are already slow enough.

POB Link



Obliteration - gives good dps, improves our poison damage and can blow up packs with chaos damage.

Broken Faith shield - Gives us unholy might on block which gives like %40 phys as extra chaos plus the shield also has gain phys as chaos on it as well which helps our poison dps a lot. Chaos damage leeched as life is a life saver as well. %100 increased global armour when no energy shield is a defense bonus as well.

Cospri's Malice - Gives good evasion, which then gives good ES with escape artist ascendancy. Can apply curses to hexproof monsters helps a lot. Enemies can have one additional curse is nice. 60% chance to poisoned cursed enemies on hit is perfect and saves us from having to get poison chance elsewhere. I got a 6 link one for 4ex if you can't afford it just get a 5 link and remove swift affliction until you can.

The Embalmer - Improves our poison damage the most, I haven't made full use of the vile toxins link. If you can get a +1 gem corrupt it will improve your temp chains curse effect by a lot.

Amulet - If you can afford it ideally you want an impresence is BIS but they are expensive so I'm just using this for dex, life and cold res. Plus if the spiders in the mine freeze me gives me tons of life regen.

Mark of Submission - Since I'm too poor to buy an impresence we make use of this cheap league unique item and put our despair gem in it for the curse on hit.

The other ring can be anything really, just look for the highest life you can get, dex and some resists.

For the helm the most important thing is the enchantment, Temp chains has 30% increased curse effect, can be pricey but you can find them fairly cheap.This one I fossil crafted after I bought it.

Belt - any rare belt really, look for str, life, resists. Stygian is nice because we get the abyss jewel.

Boots - Any rare boots, the enchant damage leeched as mana/life helps a lot. Look for life, resist, attributes you need and move speed.


Life pot - bleed removal, some sort of instant heal.
Rumi's - Gives block chance and Armour great for defense and proccing unholy might.
Atziri's - Gives chaos damage and chaos damage life leech.
Coralito's - Improves dps by a lot.
Quicksilver - move speed, I got a remove freeze on use although our amulet helps with freeze a lot.


Spreading Rot x2 - Improves damage a ton, just run into a giant pack or boss and hit vaal blight and spin up all your blades.
Other - Any rare jewels, life stat is most important, resists if you need it, poison damage, poison duration, add phys to spells and increased global phys damage are all good mods.

Gem links

3L - Weapon - Herald of agony - Vaal blight - open
3L - Shield - Portal - Flame Dash - Faster Casting
4L - Helm - Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - Enfeeble - Flame Golem/Stone golem (if using disintegrator to help offset degen).
4L - Gloves - Blasphemy - Temporal Chains - Enhance - Enlighten(Put despair here if you have impresence)
4L - Boots - Spell Totem - Wither - Increased duration - Faster casting
6L - Body - Blade Vortex - Vile toxins - Deadly ailments - Unbound ailments - Void manipulation - Swift affliction
6 Socket Disintegration staff (only needs 2 link) - just needs the gems from the weapon swap. HoA, Vaal Blight, faster casting, flame dash, clarity if you get watcher's eye.

Try to get a level 4 enhance for best effect.
Get a level 21/20 blade vortex gem it improves damage by a lot. If your rich get a 21/20 Vaal blade vortex but it costs more than a ZJ.

Disintegration and Obliteration build (a bit more expensive).

This version of the build focuses more on DPS and clear speed while still maintaining a decent life pool (5.2k) ~ has room for improvement. I use a despair impresence amulet and put despair gem in a socket linked to the tempchains-blasphemy-enhance for extra quality which boosts dps. With a sin's rebirth flask we drop the Rumi's Flask and the Broken Faith shield and utilize dual obliteration wands for extra clear speed and swap to disintegrator for extra dps while bossing. For ascendancy nodes we go purely DPS. - Patient Reaper - Prolonged Pain - Swift Killer - Harness the Void. Go with weave the arcane if you have mana problems or like the extra cast speed. I got a watcher's eye clarity grants % chance to restore 10% mana on using a skill to help with mana during bosses.

POB - https://pastebin.com/fiUM2Ern

Some improvements ideas I'm looking to make to this build - Getting abyssal sockets in the helm and boots. Enfeeble can be dropped since curse limit is 2 now. Boots can drop increased duration gem. Boots, helm and belt can have higher life rolls. Better right ring.


Trickster - Patient Reaper - Prolonged Pain - Ghost Dance - Escape Artist

Bandits - Kill all


T15 - Basilica Map - https://youtu.be/14XRnP6LBAk
T16 - Lair of the Hydra (disinitgration build) - https://youtu.be/AyfvPlPaC14
Will upload some when I get a chance.

Possible improvements

You might be able to get better dps with breath of the council, leper's alms and a sin's rebirth potion.
The helm could be better crafted with the nearby enemies have -9% chaos res.
You could drop Ghost Dance/Escape Artist for Harness the void/swift killer for more dps.
There are jewels with +1000 armour if you have hit a enemy recently, stacking those could improve defense not sure because they don't have life.

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I'm uploading one now, I added link in the video section. Its just a t15 map for proof of concept. I need to work on getting more survival for boss fights but everything else is too slowed to even hit me.
Looks great, not overpriced build and efficient. Might just try that one on my next char :p
I'm still experimenting with this build. I tried to change it up and do max block/spell block version of the build and saved up enough to buy a red nightmare jewel. It ended up costing too many skill points and ended up taking too much from hp and dps. I ended up dying 5 times to the phoenix guardian even with the max block. Just not enough dps and mana sustain issues. So I'm doing another rework and trying to go as much hp and dps as possible using disintegrator staff. I will need to acquire some items like the impresence some regrets and some more jewels once I sell the red nightmare jewel. Here is what I came up with in POB https://pastebin.com/A8cqMRar

~5.2k hp
~7.5m shaper dps
~35m mob dps lol.

It still needs more work, resists need balancing and could get more hp aiming for 6k. Not sure how well mana sustain will be with watchers eye. Defense isn't that great only 8% phys reduction, 20% block, 38% evade chance, only 200 es. I'm sure mapping will be fine though because temp chains is so strong. Just kill bosses before they kill you.
keninishna wrote:
....disintegrator staff.....

Now u triggered me ;-)
I love this Staff I'm currently running a BV-Trickster with it.
I'm still looking for a way to push it further to the limit...

So, please keep us updated.
any progress?

Yeah, the build is decent now with disintegration and obliteration. Max 7.5 mil shaper dps, although realistic dps is probably a few mil. Switched to dual obliteration for extra clear speed, still does like up to 5 mil shaper dps so you can switch to switch to disintegration for only hard bosses. I am updating original post and will upload a t16 video later.

Hi, thanks for ur answer, appreciate it.

I still need the Impresence Amulet but once I have it, I'll convert my Ele-BV to Poison-BV.

I got:

Any ideas for the second 6link? Bladefall maybe?

I did some theory crafting in POB with a 6 link staff and bladefall and EK "only" add about 1-1.5 mil shaper dps. Thing is you can only spam so many spells at a time, maintaining 10 blades and keeping the wither spell totem and then occasional blight takes up enough cast time as is and you need to move around. Best you could do is blight - cast when channelling - bladefall/EK - deadly ailments - unbound ailments - vile toxins. This would add about 1 mil more max shaper dps to the setup to put it at about 8.5 mil. You could just stick flame dash in your helm.

POB for dual 6 link setup - https://pastebin.com/H4SjAr16
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