[3.4][WIP] Scion Necro passive tree. I'd like some suggestions on how to improve it.

I'm trying to put together a passive tree for a Scion Necro and I'm very very new to the game, as in I've only been playing a couple of days now. I love the necromancy in this game and decided to try at putting together a passve tree together.


I'd very much like some feedback from more experienced players on the passive tree I put together, also, suggestions for equipment that would go well with Necomancer game play, and also where I can farm such equipment, I play ssf (not the mode, just the style since I like to go solo and collect my own stuff, main reason is all the other guides I've read so far always suggest buying stuff for their builds, I wanna get my own if I can.)

Any help is very much appreciated.
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As I've been playing around Witch Necromancer summoner build this league, I'd like to share
basic tree.

I intentionally avoided extensive passive nodes for minions except
Death Attunement +1 spectre on the top side since there are only few ways to gain extra spectres
Gravepact solid node and enable to reach to 0.6% leech for minions if necessary.
Spiritual Command / Sacrifice it's basically path nodes towards left side but also gives basic stats for both summoner and minions.

The point of this example is to figure maximum survivability from basic summoner tree. We can go down for a little more life in Marauder and Duelist nodes instead of Shadow nodes though it costs rest of the skill points basically while this tree grants 216% life and 5 jewel sockets with 100 passive points, which is around level 75 before completing end game labyrinth.
You have 20 points to spend if you skip Shadow nodes after Grave Intentions notable passive (161% life though)

For dexterity requirements, put a Careful Planning, Viridian Jewel in the jewel socket between Scion and Witch nodes.

Those 2 uniques are my recommendations for early game. Summon Raging Spirit + Minion Damage + Melee Splash in the mace. 150% damage from helm is basically double damage for SRS and you don't need much casting speed to maintain which is perfect for the mace not having casting speed at all.

3 Blue sockets and 1 Red Socket in a 4 link for Zombie. (Raise Zombie + Minion Damage + Minion Life or resists + Fortify) Zombie's slam has "cannot evade" modifier but relatively long cooldown time which is not affected by attack speed. With this jewel(s), they will stick with the remainings behind SRS and SLAM every few seconds and tank bosses without supports.

Lastly, the best defence for summoner in the game. :P
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