No memory fragment drops from guardians on red maps

So like i spawned all 4 guardians on red maps(terrace, lair, racecourse, promenade), killed three of them, dropped nothing.
Last bumped on Sep 21, 2018, 12:52:34 AM
Thanks for your report, if possible could you provide more information?
I would like to know your current quest state and how many Memory Fragments you have already collected.
I'm at 10/15 on the quests
Says: Defeat elder guardians on red maps
Already got and used all the first 10 shaper's orbs
Hi there, I've managed to reproduce your problem. It seems that it doesn't matter where the Guardians spawn, it's about where the Elder spawn.

If Elder spawns on a Yellow map and the Guardians are on Red maps, you won't get any Memory Fragments for killing the Guardians despite them being on Red maps.

If Elder spawns on a Red map and the Guardians spawn on Yellow maps, you will get a Memory Fragment for killing them.

If both the Elder and Guardian are on Red maps, you will still get Memory Fragments.

Thank you for pointing this out, we will look into a fix for this.
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