[3.4] Pathfinder - Scourge Arrow 100% Chance to Poison/Herald Of Agony - Indepth

Hi, this will be my first ever build guide, so be gentle! I don't like typing and spending too much time formatting, so I decided to share my findings about my Scourge Arrow Pathfinder build A.K.A. Nukeboi(lolnewmeta) in a youtube vid. The video turned out about twice as long as intended, but I guess I'll use that information for future videos. I will add the path of building at the bottom if you don't want to watch the video.


Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8qud9a90Kk
T14 Gameplay: https://youtu.be/Jma1HSgNL_U

About the build:

~6k HP
~500k dps with "starter" gear
Scourge Arrow with 100% chance to poison, massive AoE, awesome clear speed and awesome boss damage, coupled with Herald Of Agony for even more poison and damage.

What do you _NEED_?
A bow, a quiver, a 4-6 link body armour/bow. No expensive items required.
The higher the phys and chaos damage on your bow(coupled with attack speed, this build has a NEED FO-, it needs a lot attack speed).

Budget Friendly? Yes
Min/max friendly? Oh double yes
Speedy? You're a pathfinder, go speedyboi or not, it's up to you!

In the end this build probably isn't going to blow any minds, but if you're a new player wanting to play a bow character for delve I can highly recommend my build as it is very budget friendly and has massive end-game damage potential, and for us other more nerdy PoE players I can definitely tell you that there is lots of min maxing to be done.

Items to get and start off with
Quill Rain - good for leveling and early mapping.
Lioneyes Glare
Rare Gripped Gloves - preferably with attack speed

Items for the future:
Steel Rings(although I foresee this to be problematic with resistances)
Impresence Amulet(chaos based)
Belly of the Beast/Queen of the forest
Atziri's Step

Life flask with bleed immunity
Atziri's Promise
Onslaught/Quicksilver flask pref with Curse Immunity
Quartz Flask with freeze immunity
Witchfire Brew

For the rich:
Dying Sun Ruby Flask
+1 arrow quiver and bow

Path Of building:

Thanks for your time


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Thanks for this awesome build. In my opinion, it rocks. Gave it a try, with the item suggestions from path of building. For me, it feels like a heavy hitter and being tanky the same time.

Thank you!
Glad you liked it :)

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