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First of all explanation about CA vs Toxic rain for DoT :


(Not my video thanks Angry Roleplayer for this one)


First of All :

Why dual curses?

The skill doesn't benefit from any DPS aura (expect haste) for dps
The build is squishy dual curse perform a very good pure defense

Why not Herald of defense Aura ?

The other choise is to run Herald of agony (i use it first i didn't like it) or dual defense aura like purity with lightning coil and watcher's eyes conversion (not my playstile) If you are looking for this check nugiyen profile


How Toxic Rain works ?

Well it's wtf, Chaos, AoE, Duration, projectile, 50%how phys to chaos, Fun no?

We're actually going to use 2 of the 3 mechanic of the skill to do damage

-Pod Damage over time (which debuff move speed too)
-Pod explosion

+X arrow fire will change nothing for boss kill, it just increased the area of where the pod drop

You are a not going to kill every pack of mob under 1 second, one Pod explosion will clear a lot of white pack (blue in low map)

People say CA clear faster than toxic?
Not really true but not false at all

I'll depends on your MS, mirage archer or not, gear etc...

But CA seems a bit faster on my experience (not a gain of 2min per map but pretty more 30sec) but Toxic melt Bosses (poor CA boys)



+Not a 350ex builds
+Can do every map(mod), bosses
+Really good clear speed
+Flask uptime everytime
+Good League starter

-A bit Squichy due to no leech (mana gain on hit/kill)
-Mana without thief's torment
-Scale on Gem level



Skill Tree


For level 91

No bandit no one is good, prefer skill point by far

Master Alchemist over Master Toxicist ?

Personal choice here, both work i tried and both are viable, just a preference



Leveling Gear

Simple : Quill rain https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Quill_Rain
Gloves https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Lochtonial_Caress
Quiver https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hyrri%27s_Bite
Ring https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Thief%27s_Torment
With tabula if possible

Use despair (level 24) + blasphemy (level 31)



My endgame Gear + Skill Link


Still in progress i try a lot of things
For Huge boss use damage in full life instead of efficacy
Enchant :

Helmet : Despair Effect 30% /Temporal Chains effect 30% Or +1 toxic rain arrow if no dying sun
Gloves : none
Boots :Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently

Dying sun swap for boss
For shaper and other endgame boss swap dying for Silver of Basalt

Why enhance ?
Huge Huge HUGEEE boost for the curse with my enchant i can make every mob stupid (just op for t16's boss [phoenix look ridiculous])

Impresence Obligatory ?
If you don't have impresence i think you don't have a dying sun, so use withfire brew until get it

There's is op hiden quiver?
Not really, just use rare quiver with life/AS/resistance or one like mine or +X arrow

Mirage archer for boss?
Yes, you can dodge while the weird thing upon you still attack

Fossil craft helmet obligatory ?
No, i was using devoto's devotion before, use a devoto's until u can get a non unique enchanted helmet
I use pristine + aberrant for this one it's change a lot for boss fight

Other chest possible ?

Qotf still usable, kaom's heart seems complicated for 5link curse, if you really want to play kaom's drop IncAoe for a 4link curse
You can craft a EV base elder for more %life i just pristine on my chest
Cospri's Will, just use another boots like atziri's step or rare craft

Gloves WIP just pristine craft

belt + ring

Can use aberrant for %chaos damage, i try for ring but not good result with life + int

Wither Totem is mandatory for boss, it will add too much deeps



Other Things

Why pathinder ? MS added for flask, flask effect and duration and 100%flask uptime is a HUGE QoL

Pantheon gods ? Lunaris for major and Gruthkul for Minor

Jewels ? Look for chaos damage, dot over time, inc %life, resist if needed

Mana issues ? Mana flask, solved

Can i kil XXX ? Yes you can, you just need to be familiar with mechanics bosses, you can down Uber Atziri, shaper, Uber elder...

Vaal blight for boss? You can use it it will increased the damage dealt




WIP, i never record something i work on it


Thanks for reading, it's my first guide, i enjoy a lot this skill and din't see this version of my build so i make one

Sorry if i do grammar mistake or something English isn't my first language

Last bumped on Nov 26, 2018, 2:54:48 PM
thanks for this. gonna try this out.
I've been running this build with a few modifications, I enjoy it alot!

I haven't played alot this league yet but I've managed to kill Shaper, Red Elder and Uber Elder with this character.

Delving 300+ is no problems at all, and the damage is quite huge.

Pastebin to my character, I also want feedback if people think I can do stuff differently.


Well done to the guy who made this build! :)
Where comes the 2nd curse from? didn't find it
IGN: FluffyMetamorph

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