Fossils are insane?

pvp is dead like never before... so currently spamming fossils a lot.

3xt1 sneakers:

I want to be hit(!) chest:

Still aiming for 6.5L chest with Maim...
What crazy mods we could use in pvp more?

20.09 - Maim's day:

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Scorched fossil in shaped sambar sceptre.

26% pen from one weapon
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PVP Formula Guide Kor,
PVP Formula Guide Eng,
Delve mods are mostly offense-oriented.
Now you can make a CwS based caster that is an actually playable character with 100% chance to Avoid interruption from Stuns while Casting.
Bound-crafted Abyss jewels are "quite good".
Thx for the idea about max pen Sambar.
Rolling smth decent is a real pain in the a...s :)

First hit of Maim on usable base, 6.5L+flask chest:

max 139hp
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