[3.4] Metalkon's Darkness Dweller (Cyclone) [Outheal Darkness]

Welcome to my first character guide! In here you will be shown how to create my "Darkness Dweller" Scion which was designed to be a solid cyclone build that can do both regular content and delve deep into the darkness being capable of surviving x1000-3000 darkness stacks depending on depth/lag/equipment. There are many ways to make this build (physical and elemental damage) but they all follow a core principal and use a few specific items to make it work so some creativity will be encouraged based on the players budget.

This build is specifically designed for Delve League (v3.4) where darkness mechanics exist but can be used outside of delve if desired as it functions similar to some other cyclone builds but is specially tweeked for darkness.

Twitch Channel (Watch the build in action live)

Note: This Build Is untested against some endgame content other than the azurite mine, will update the guide on what's possible in the near future as well as videos.

NOTICE : Guide Only 80% Completed

The Basics (Read)
Basic Build Information

The idea of this build is to combine high Life Gain On Hit with reverse knockback cyclone to keep the monsters dragged behind you as your source of healing so you can out heal the darkness while traveling long distances through it before needing to use flares. Pulling off this build shouldn't be difficult up to Depth 200 with cheap gear but it will require more expensive gear to reliably go beyond depth 200 without sacrificing a lot of DPS outside of the darkness areas.

⦁ 100-250 Life Gain On Hit
⦁ Fast Attack Speed
⦁ Empire's Grasp
⦁ Knockback Gem
⦁ Cyclone Gem
⦁ Stun Immunity
⦁ Freeze Immunity
⦁ 75% Darkness Resistance

Just remember that you cannot rely on flasks or bonuses from kills while going through the darkness, life leech does not work as well.

Healing In Darkness
In order to survive the Darkness Health Degeneration(0.5%/sec per stack) you will need at least 800-1200 total life gain on hit every second for each single monster for endgame delving. A player with 125 lgoh will need 8 attacks per second to reach 1000 lgoh/sec per monster as an example to get this kind of number.

The deeper into the darkness that you go the more monsters you will need to drag along with you, and the more hitpoints that you have the more lgoh (sec/mob) that you will need and in deeper delves dragging more monsters does help but at a point the monsters own damage dealt may start being an issue if you cannot keep up.

The stronger your healing then the longer and deeper you can go into the darkness before needing to use a flare, some variations can survive until x1000 stacks while other variations can survive until x3000 stacks though FPS can be an issue if you're not careful with how many monsters you're dragging as it's easy to drag with you well over a hundred monsters.

It's suggested to have an item/curse with Mana Gain On Hit to avoid needing to use blood Magic if you wish to have much larger DPS.

Movement In Darkness
While you are dragging monsters you will need enough movement speed during cyclone to prevent the monsters from hitting you with the azurite slow debuff but also not being too fast where it takes a lot of work to not outrun all of the monsters too quickly and by accident. Ideally you will move fast enough to not be slowed down the majority of the time, but you can cyclone forward without losing your monsters and source of healing by accident too easily, though you will want to move slightly faster the monsters to avoid having FPS issues if too many monsters are dragged.

If you are having issues with your movement speed then you can also address your knockback chances and knockback distances, in the end you want to find a perfect balance of movement/knockback for your specific equipment/stats as everyone's setup will be slightly different.

Looting In Darkness
It will be possible to loot inside the darkness without the need of using flares if your darkness stack is below 300 for any dropped items if you have quick fingers. You will require having a large stack of flares for extended trips in the darkness if you wish to loot good items while darkness is above 300, or if you wish to travel through areas quicker with whirling blades, or if you are suffering fps issues by dragging too many monsters and wish to kill them if the right terrain to lose them isn't available.

Each flare should be able to extend your trip into the darkness by 60-90 seconds (while actively looting items) if you are not using them freely for convenience if you have quick looting fingers. Though using extra flares to speed things up can be encouraged depending on the dark areas you are exploring as you can buy more flares afterwards.

For more information please look into the items/passives/videos (Coming Soon)



There are many item combinations that you can use to achieve the requirements listed in the Basics so for most of you it will require a little bit of creativity to get the requirements based on your personal budget and preferences so here's the endgame items that i'm using (as well as a physical variant) and a list of different items that you can use for your own build at lower budgets to achieve the requirements.

~ Elemental Variant (My Items) ~

~ Physical Variant (POB Only) ~

~ Budget Physical Variant (POB Only) ~
Path of Building
The movement speed of this untested budget version may need to be increased if you are azurite slowed too often.


Gems (Elemental)
⦁ Cyclone
⦁ Knockback (Primary) / Cold To Fire / Fortify (Swappable for Bosses)
⦁ Faster Attacks
⦁ Damage On Full Life
⦁ Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect (Swappable)
⦁ Elemental Damage With Attacks

⦁ Anger
⦁ Herald of Ice

Gems (Physical)
⦁ Cyclone
⦁ Knockback (Primary) / Fortify (Swappable for Bosses)
⦁ Faster Attacks
⦁ Damage On Full Life
⦁ Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect (Swappable For Bosses)
⦁ Melee Physical Damage

⦁ Hatred (Freeze/Shatter)
⦁ Herald of Ash

Gems (General)
⦁ CWDT + Enfeeble + Summon Ice Golem + Immortal Call
⦁ Whirling Blades + Blood Magic + Faster Attacks
⦁ Lightning Warp + Reduced Duration / Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
⦁ Vengeance + Life Gain On Hit (Optional Support)
⦁ Blood Rage + Ancestral Protector


Life Gain On Hit
⦁ Thief's Torment (Up To 60 LGOH Staple Item)
⦁ Life Gain On Hit Support (Gem, Budget Builds Only)
⦁ Gluttony (Good For Two Handed Weapon Variants)
⦁ Watcher's Eye (Up To 30 LOGH, Vitality Aura)
⦁ Elder Rings (Up To 20 LGOH, and/or Poachers Mark)
⦁ Elder Claws (Up To 100 LGOH vs Blinded)
⦁ Normal Claws (Up To 50 LGOH)

Freeze Immunity
⦁ Vix Lunaris (Good Choice If Not Dual Wielding, Aura's, +1000 "HP" vs Ice Bites)
⦁ Delve/Fossil Amulets (Cannot be frozen while moving)
⦁ Alpha's Howl
⦁ The Brine Crown
⦁ Dream Fragments (Elder Claw Required)

Stun Immunity
⦁ Kaom's Roots
⦁ Mark of the Elder (Elder Claw & Ring Required)
⦁ Eye of Chayula

⦁ The Bringer of Rain (6link + blind for budget physical variants)
⦁ Devoto's Devotion (Attack+Movement Speed)
⦁ Unnatural Instinct (NE Scion Jewel)
⦁ The Blue Dream/Nightmare (South Scion Jewel)
⦁ Pure Talent (Shadow/Marauder/Scion Bonus's)
⦁ Self-flagellation (+1 Curse, Budget)
⦁ Lightpoacher (Abyssal Sockets)
⦁ Bubonic Trail (Abyssal Sockets)
⦁ Stygian Vise (Abyssal Socket)
⦁ Bronn's Lithe (Great Speed/Damage)
⦁ Loreweave (Balance of DPS/Survivability)
⦁ Daresso's Salute (+2 Range, Damage, Resistance)



~ Physical Variant (POB Only) ~
Path of Building(Lv89/OldEquivGear)

Path of Building(Lv100/HP/OldEquivGear)


Deal With The Bandits
⦁ Alira (Resistance/Critical)


Juggernaut (Marauder) *Recommended For Most Builds*
This one is highly recommended for it's stun immunity, endurance charges (overall and not triggered by kills), and massive dps increase through the bonus accuracy and endurance charge damage. It's difficult to achieve a high dps build variation without it.

Assassin (Shadow) *Recommended For Most Builds*
A solid choice for raw damage if your other needs are met or need the damage more than anything else on a budget build. The power charges generated are very useful and will not require items like "The blue dream" if you wish to have power charges. If you are using claws then starting near all of the claw nodes is ideal for both physical and elemental variants.

Saboteur (Shadow) *Recommended For Elder Claws*
This one is highly recommended if you are using Elder Claws (lgoh blinded enemies) and don't have any good sources of Blind. You also gain a large amount of AoE which makes Concentrated Effect more viable outside of boss fights and other tough monsters. If you are using claws then starting near all of the claw nodes is ideal for both physical and elemental variants.

Elementalist (Witch)
A moderate source of damage if you wish to give yourself elemental reflection immunity, a good alternative to Juggernaut if you have endurance charges and stun immunity elsewhere. This is a little bit far from claw nodes if you wish to use claws unfortunately.

Raider (Ranger)
A moderate source of damage and frenzy charges though the inconsistent movement speed with onslaught and frenzy charges can make it more challenging with keeping your dragged monsters within range.

Normal Passives
⦁ Fending (Knockback Nodes, Highly Recommended)
⦁ Unwavering STance (Stun Immunity, Optional Armor Build)
⦁ Acrobatics (Dodge, Optional Evasion Build)

⦁ Blind On Hit and Vengeance LGOH Will greatly improve your ability to loot item's without flares as it reduces the damage dealt to you during the instant you stop cycloning. Even if you do not utilize elder claws with blind you should still have at least a 5% chance to blind (ex: jewel) on top of your shock chance. Vengeance LGOH can heal you up to full most of the time while you are looting items if it hasn't already attacked.
⦁ If you are having issues with looting items on the ground (ex: fossils, under 300 darkness) due to monsters being in the way then simply move the monsters by circling them around it to make room.
⦁ The physical variant is a lot cheaper and easier to make even though it may be a little bit weaker in terms of damage, I do not suggest making an elemental variant unless you have several exalts (20-80ex) to put into the build and a proper elder claw (I suggest trying the build first on a budget before committing). The primary advantage of an elemental build other than dps is shattering most enemies to reduce the amount of "ice bite on death" effects by the scariest little delve monsters.
⦁ It's possible to make a two-handed version though in an effort to acquire the LGOH/Speed needed, you may lose a lot of DPS compared to one handed.
⦁ If you find yourself wanting to move through the darkness faster such as a previously explored or predictable area, just throw a flare and whirling blade through until about 100 darkness with a (few short cyclones to heal if needed) before going back to your usual methods with monsters being dragged behind.
⦁ Use both "Increased Area of Effect" and "Concentrated Effect" as swappable gems for optimal clearing/bossing speed, you may also use a spare red gem to replace knockback against bosses (I can reach over 1m dps in my ele build if i swap out kb for a boss).
⦁ Don't forget that a fast attack speed is vital for your survival even if you must sacrifice some DPS, especially if you are using a two handed weapon (I suggest a fast one handed weapon).
⦁ Farming lower depth levels is still quite profitable if you wish to make a very cheap build or low level character and work your way up. With lower hitpoints you do not need as much LGOH as darkness is based on your maximum hitpoints.

My Twitch Channel

Regular Azurite Mine Gameplay (Starts with crawler)

Boss Video's Coming Soon

Current Darkness Record (3167)
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I apologize for the lack of updates to my little guide, my interest in PoE this league has dropped quite a bit which has greatly reduced my time playing the game. I updated the elemental variant gear/passives and such though with the final gear my build will be using.

I will try to get some video content if I can get myself to play more but for now just expect it to play like any other cyclone build against map bosses (not as strong against map bosses as some of the best cyclone builds though as it sacrifices some things for the delve/darkness advantage).
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