[3.4] [WIP/Unfinished] Avi's Doomprism Ascendant

Hi, and welcome to my Doomfletch's Prism guide!

This build can work with a variety of skills, and can also work as a Duelist Slayer. I choose to use Rain of Arrows and its vaal version, but many other bow skills can work such as Tornado Shot, Ice Shot, Lightning Arrow and even Scourge Arrow.

Pros and Cons

High DPS and clearspeed
Can be started on a relatively small budget (1-2 exalts)
Scales hard with gear and jewels
Can be reasonably tanky if you invest in more life and use defensive auras.
Scion version is immune to both physical and elemental reflect.
Can do most map mods

Can't do no leech maps
Requires good gear to do very hard content (Guardians, Shaper, Uber Elder)
Scion version can be slow to level until you get a decent amount of damage nodes
Low to medium survivability with the offensive setup
Not an insane lab farmer (Vaal Pact based)

Coming soon!

Path of Building (PoB) link

Note: the DPS is assuming 1 arrow hits the target (realistically, 3 or so will hit), and that you're at close range and on full life. Slayer leech makes sure you fill up to full life fast and are on full life most of the time.

Required Uniques
Doomfletch's Prism is the core of our build, and takes advantage of flat physical damage scaling by adding 100% of our weapon physical damage as extra damage of each element, for a total of 300% extra damage!
Neither the 6-link nor corrupted implicit are needed to start and have fun with this build.

Recommended Uniques

Loreweave hard sets our maximum resistances at 80%, making us immune to -max resistance mods on maps as well as taking 20% less elemental damage compared to the default 75% resistance cap! It also gives a large amount of flat physical damage and % elemental damage, as well as crit, life and item rarity! However, the build can be started and work well without it.

Tombfist give us life, attack speed and 1-2 abyssal sockets for OP abyss jewels, as well as Intimidate (10% increased attack damage taken) on hit if you use a Murderous Eye jewel socketed, as well as Maim (30% reduced movement speed) on hit if you have a Searching Eye jewel socketed. Rare gloves can instead be used if you're struggling with resistances or cannot afford Tombfist with 2 abyssal sockets.
Attack speed, movement speed and chaos resist as well as being frequently enchanted by Labyrinth runners. This makes it easy to get a useful enchant on it, although it can easily be swapped for a rare helm (for more life and elemental resistances).

Leveling Trees

40 Points
Rush Point Blank, fill out the Duelist area and then head towards Lethality in the Ranger area. Do normal Labyrinth and head towards the Slayer node.
60 Points
Get Lethality, Primeval Force, Herbalism and Acrobatics. After that, get Deadly Draw. Do Cruel Labyrinth and take Slayer, then start heading towards Path of the Duelist.
86 Points
Go to the Shadow area, taking more life, crit and damage. Do Merciless Labyrinth and pick up Path of the Duelist, and start heading towards Elementalist. Take the 5 nodes connecting to Duelist start, and remove the projectile damage and dexterity path leading down from Scion. After this, go near the Ranger start and pick up Ballistic Mastery.
104 Points
Pick up Revenge of the Hunted and Forces of Nature, then go through Aspect of the Eagle and bow attack speed/crit nodes to Aspect of the Lynx. For Eternal Labyrinth, take Elementalist. After this tree, some great options are jewel sockets, evasion/life nodes (near Finesse, Revenge of the Hunted or Duelist start), Druidic Rite or Winter Spirit.
IGN: Hurricane_Kitten
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