[3.4] Whizzy's Bow Blade Vortex Chieftain



Super Budget Path of Building Pastebin (<100c & over 1mil dps with no configuration changes and no flasks)

I wanted to play a budget build in Delve that could clear all content and this is what I ended up with. A full fire conversion Blade Vortex (BV) which uses Signal Fire instead of Avatar of Fire. The maximum damage output with this build is not as high as dual stat sticks but for <100c (way less than the cost of one six link chest) I believe the dps is much better (easily over 1mil).

Base Setup Costs: (Note these prices are from 2 weeks into the league)

6L Short Bow* - 50c (or farm "The Porcupine")
Deafening Essence of Woe - 6c (vendor 3 "shrieking essence of woe")
Aetheric + Scorched Fossils - 5c (alternative to essence during delve league but may take a few tries to get 20% more spell damage and damage penetrates fire resistance)
Signal Fire w/ 30%+ extra phys as fire - 3c
Amulet w/ 16%+ extra phys as fire - 5c

Total: <65c

All other items just look for:
- life
- resistance
- strength (for life)
- dexterity (since BV is a dex gem and we don't have much dex on our tree)

For jewels look for:
- % Maximum life (expensive)
- % spell damage
- % area damage
- % damage
- % global physical damage
- resistance (only if needed)
- dexterity (only if needed)

With the above items, you will have 1mil dps (no flasks active) with concentrated effect and ~650k with increased area of effect. See Gems section for more information


Major: Arakaali w/ Arachnoxia for the immortal call/blood rage interaction for 50% increased health recovery

Minor: Anything you'd like


*When crafting this short bow, first alt until you get the suffix "Worthy" before chroming for the colors. It could take ~300 chromatic orbs to get RRGBBB. It took me 350 chromes on my first bow and 15 chromes on the second.


Main Setup in Bow:
Blade Vortex
Controlled Destruction
Elemental Focus
Added Fire Damage
Fire Penetration
Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect
[Note: If you have 8 exalts to burn and have a 2 prefix 2 suffix bow, catarina master craft "cannot roll attack mods"(1ex) and exalting(1ex) will make Empower 4(6ex) a viable alternative for one of the red gems. Use PoB to determine if this is worth it for your build]

Blasphemy - Flamability

Faster Casting - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (lvl 7)

Orb of Storms - Combustion (-19 fire resistance to enemies ignited)
[This requires an abyss jewel with added physical or fire damage to spells]

Phase Run - Increased Duration (optional)

Herald of Ash

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 14) - Immortal Call (lvl 16) - Blood Rage (lvl 17) - Golem (lvl 16)
I went with lightning golem for cast speed but flame golem would be more damage or you could go with a more defensive option like stone or chaos.

Blood Rage is here for its interaction with our pantheon choice Arakaali w/ Arachnoxia for 50% increased health recovery

Since we do not require many gems, we can use Kaom's Heart(3ex) or an unlinked Loreweave with 79 or 80 max res(120c+) or Kaom's Roots with 190+ life.


Damage for this build does not scale that well. After exceeding 1mil shaper dps I just focused on increasing my life pool. Here are my recommendations if you want more damage.

In no particular order:
+1 gems bow
empower 4 (check your own PoB before investing in empower 4) in a +1 bow
opal rings crafted with essences for 10% phys gained as fire
mark of the shaper w/ an elder version of the above ring
Signal Fire corrupted with ~10% phys gained as fire
Hypnotic Eye Jewel with 50 life, physical damage to spells, physical damage to spells with 2 handed weapon, fire/elemental penetration
Elder Amulet with 80+ life and 2 of: 20% phys gained as fire, damage/strength, non chaos as extra chaos
Damage penetration enchant on boots
Elemental weakness on hit gloves (with +1 curse on amulet or tree). Great for clear, not useful against bosses. I used these for a while and got rid of it because everything dies instantly anyways except bosses where curses lose effect.

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