[3.4] Delve Death's Oath Occultist | Speed farmer | boss killer

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- Fast map clearer.
- Tanky.
- Can farm uber lab.
- Can do any map mod. (no mana regen more harder)
- Minimal effort required to play.

- Strength hungry, 180 str for Death's Oath.

Path Of Building

On this POB, you can see two three (with wather's eye and without watcher's eye)



Bandit :
Kill all

Panthéon :
Major God : Soul of Lunaris
Minor God : Soul of Ralakesh


-Normal Lab: Wicked Ward
-Cruel Lab: Vile Bastion
-Merc Lab: Void Beacon
-Uber Lab: Profane Bloom


Body :

The Death's Oath needn't link because all the gem are link to Death aura.

Arcane Surge Support - Efficacy Support - Concentrated Effect Support - Swift Affliction Support - Void Manipulation Support - Less Duration Support

Arcane Surge Support is required to add duration tag to Death's aura, otherwise Less Duration Support and Swift Affliction Support do not apply to it. It enables our 7L.

How to get colors :
You need Vorici lvl 7 !
First : do 2 sockets until 2 blue.
Second : switch between 2 and 3 sockets for take the third blue.
Third : switch between 3 and 4 sockets for take one green.
Fourtch : switch between 4 and 5 sockets for take the second green.
Fifth : go 6 sockets, you have many chance to get the red !

Weapon/Shield :

Breath Of The Council

Shield Charge - Fortify Support - Faster Attacks Support

Take yellow shield wich ES/res

Clarity (lvl 5) - Vaal Grace - Portal

Gloves :

The Allelopathy needn't link because all the gem are link to Blight Skill.

Efficacy Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Swift Affliction Support - Void Manipulation Support

Helmet :

Eber's Unification

Temporal Chains - Discipline - Despair - Blasphemy Support

Boots :

Sin Trek

Faster Casting Support - Wither - Increased Duration Support - Spell Totem Support

Belt :

Take yellow belt wich STR/ES/RES

Rings :

Take yellow Rings wich STR/ES/RES

Amulet :

Impresence (Chaos)

OR yellow Amulet with STR/ES/RES

Flasks :

Witchfire Brew

The Overflowing Chalice

Other Flasks :

Jewels :

Spreading Rot X2
yellow Jewels X3 with ES/Increased Damage if you've Killed Recently

For rich players take Watcher's Eye with "xx% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline" / "xx% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity"


- Guardian Eradicator 2 deaths : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqC8HShZ18o
- Guardian Purifier 2 deaths : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVuxpkPUysg
- Guardian Enslaver 1 death (take a flask with immunity to burning) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B82hD6li8A
- Guardian Constrictor 1 death : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o5HFf3YU0o
- Red Elder (can do better !) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC75zF2O5xE

Other video in comming soon (T15 farming / Shaper guardian)
send in reply what video do you want?


Levelling with Essence Drain and Contagion.

Essence Drain Links : Essence Drain - Efficacy Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Swift Affliction Support (Void Manipulation Support and Empower Support are your 5th and 6th links should you choose to get them)

Contagion Links : Contagion - Increased Area of Effect Support - Arcane Surge Support - Faster Casting Support

Tree :

36 Points

70 Points

76 Points Don't rush the change to Chaos Inoculation, you need decent ES gear. You can pretty much farm any content with Essence Drain/contagion, so stick to it, till you get Death's Oath with the right colors and decent ES gear to get around 5k ES. You can import your char into PoB and check how much ehp you'd get after the switch.

Final Tree


Added - Guardian Eradicator 2 deaths video
Added - Guardian Purifier 2 deaths video
Added - Guardian Enslaver 1 death video
Added - Guardian Constrictor 1 death video
Added - Red Elder

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4 times offcolor the 6th socket, new record?
that aside how much damage am i missing, without less duration? inc area is good for ZOOM ZOOM shield charge

DO Tooltip sitting in the hideout
Last edited by evuless on Sep 16, 2018, 3:53:10 PM
Yes i think it's a new record xD
you lost 2k5 damage ! (and my gem are lvl 18-19 not 20-21 ^^)


inc area + conc effect seems weird but i don't know what other gem to put.

just do with vorici one 5 sockets then 6 sockets one more time xD

i think you can farm with inc area, you deal just less dmg.
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Currently playing following your build and I love it !
Thanks for sharing :)
SO how do you keep up 2 curses on the enemy?
also you wrote vaal clarity instead of vaal grace
SO how do you keep up 2 curses on the enemy?
also you wrote vaal clarity instead of vaal grace

for keep up 2 curses on the enemy you need the "Whispers of doom" on the top of tree. And yes you right for the vaal gem it's a mistake ! thank you
Ahh ok i dident notice that. Great build tho even if its a bit expensive with the chaos impresence and the off coloring on the deaths oath.
This looks like a really fun playstyle! Question: How do you deal with the mines? Have you had any issues with it? Usually I see a lot of builds trying to use phase run to get through the mob density. I'm curious to see if you had any issues with that.
any deep delve videos?
This Build seems to struggel with doing Red Elder... I think calling this a boss killer or a speed farmer is a 'bit' of an overstatement.

That being said this seems weaker in every way compared to this: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2081639

So - errr. What's the thing I am missing here? :(

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