[3.5] Geti's Thunderous Applause (Static Strike Smite Mjolner Minions)


Art credit: u/trolltew on reddit, original thread:

Hi, I originally started theorycrafting this build after I gave some thought to how the new Static Strike gem interacts with Mjolner, as its beam effects don't rely on your attack speed, and one of the limiting factors DA HAMMER generally faces is an absolutely atrocious attack speed.


Honestly? Nothing suuuuper crazy important, but there are a couple things to note.

1. Stat sticks for the build are... mostly still fine, The Scourge still functions MOSTLY as it did, with two exceptions, we will no longer have access to Whirling Blades... Or Smite. Whirling Blades is a bit of a bummer but can be easily replaced by Flame Dash, Leap Slam, or even Consecrated Path. Smite however is irreplaceable, refer to #3 for the solution.

2. Wrath is out, War Banner and Blasphemy Punishment are in. This change was made because of a change to Herald of Purity, at level 21 they used to do 110% more damage, however, they were changed to deal 110% more physical damage. This change is significant, as it makes Wrath much worse for them, fortunately Punishment and War Banner slide right in where Wrath slid out, reserving a combined total of 45% mana instead of 50, meaning that you can skip out on the Sovreignty aura cluster and still have mana to perform actions.

3. New Crafts are pretty insane, especially cast a socketed spell when you use a skill. Though it has a hefty cooldown of 4 seconds, it can be used to have nearly 100% uptime on Stone Golem, Holy Relic, Molten Shell, or whatever other utility skill you could feasibly desire. With incursion affixes back in (specifically the 90~% minion damage affix (Citaqualotl's)) you can get a very nice competitor to The Scourge with relative ease, here's the one I'm using:

That about wraps up the changes for 3.5.
TL;DR Wrath out, Punishment and War Banner in, Whirling Blades is kill.

Path of Building / Online skill trees for DIRTY HEATHENS

Get these asap tree:

Level 80~ish tree:


3.4 Gear:

3.5 Gear: (Probably not my final gear but hey, if you're curious what I'm currently using)

T16 Chimera map clear:

Boss kills

General build info (nerd junk)
The idea of the build is as follows:

1. Static Strike is sick! It alleviates a big weakness for Mjolner and makes clearing maps a breeze with a sort of set it and forget it mentality for your lightning spells.
2. Mjolner is traiditionally very, VERY bad for single target, but the new holy boys from the Herald of Purity gem are very VERY good at it!
3. Minion damage modifiers are generic modifiers this means that they apply to everything, attacks, spells, even secondary damage like herald effects!
4. The new melee attack, Smite, ALSO adds about a Wrath's worth of generic damage to you and your posse, it affects your attacks and your arc, and even your Sentinels of Purity!
5. The new minion nodes allow our minions bonuses to apply to us! This allows our toon to clear maps, and our toon's goons to clear bosses!

One thing that needs to be noted is Static Strike's interaction with Mjolner when dual wielded. It turns out that no matter which weapon you hit an enemy with, every other bolt will cause Mjolner to cast. If you hit 2 enemies at once, you cast every time! This allows you to wield anything you want in your offhand, be it a traditional shield or a second weapon as a stat stick (I chose The Scourge for its hefty 70% increased damage to minions. but anything will do!)

A +level of minion gems helmet is going to do you a lot of good, as Herald of Purity scales decently well with gem levels, and it acts as a pseudo 5th link without costing you extra mana. This is important, as with Punishment, War Banner and a Herald set up like I have, I have just under 20 mana; that's enough to attack constantly with my mana regen, but I certainly could not be reserving any more at all. I crafted my hat myself, but +3 helmets aren't super expensive if you don't want to go about that.

Levelling Tips:

Get a big stick.

The best part of this build is probably that it uses fairly cheap items like Mjolner to great effect, but can also scale reasonably well if you're willing to spend the currency on things like Loreweave, though they are certainly not required, and hell, I'm not even using a 6 link, nor am I planning on ever needing one.

Sadly, one caveat is that in today's day and age of Path of Building, I still have absolutely no idea what my dps is. While that is the natural for most minions, Path of Building can't even seem to estimate what each sentinel does damage wise, but they killed Shaper pretty decently so it must be at least half good.

Update: Recently finished every bonus objective for maps on the character, yay!

PS: Sorry if this guide is a bit rough, this is my first time posting a guide, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

PPS: Feel free to message me ingame @Brapp_Zannigan with any questions as well!
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What Pantheon's you running?
How is clear speed with this build? Can U add video of it? Thanks, gl
Jaceos wrote:
How is clear speed with this build? Can U add video of it? Thanks, gl

Sure, here ya go! Keep in mind I'm not the greatest player in the world.

Sausedge wrote:
What Pantheon's you running?

Arakaali with the regen boost if you've stopped taking damage over time recently, + whatever lesser you want. Brine King if you hate using Kaom's Roots.

In addition, I finally downed Uber Elder! Sadly I didn't get the recording, but I did stream it and get the clip. I've updated the main post with it.
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How did you level this? Can you give me a rough idea of how would be the best or a good way to level it?

This sounds very interesting to me. I love mjolner and I wanted to make use of static strike this league.

CheesyCaker wrote:
How did you level this? Can you give me a rough idea of how would be the best or a good way to level it?

This sounds very interesting to me. I love mjolner and I wanted to make use of static strike this league.

Just Leveled with static strike, wasn't a huge deal, never had to transition to or from anything, hell, I played it as my league starter and its still my only character in the league.

Just grab the biggest meanest 2hander you can get your mitts on and use static strike and smite and walk to maps tbh.
How does it perform in mines? I am not planning to go super deep, but maybe in the middle range, something like.. 500? 600?
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Hi! In what order did you pick your Ascendency Nodes? Thanks in advance :)
rathaya wrote:
Hi! In what order did you pick your Ascendency Nodes? Thanks in advance :)

Herald of Purity related nodes > 10% Charge gain on hit > Time of Need
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