Increased Critical Strike Support 20% Quality

It should give 1% per 1% Quality but instead its only gives 1% at 20% Q.
Last bumped on Sep 13, 2018, 7:34:39 PM
No it dose not.

The 1% there is for +1% to crit strike chance, that is only modified through leveling the gem.

The quality bonus is 1% increased critical strike chance per 1% quality.

You have a level 1 gem, which is base 50% increased, the quality is applied correctly and is giving you a total of 70% increased at level 1 with 20% quality
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You are incorrect.

The level 1 gem gives 50% increased Critical Strike Chance and +1 to Critical Strike Chance.

The quality bonus is 1% increased Critical Strike Chance per 1% quality. At 20% quality, this is a total of 20% increased Critical Strike Chance.

Your gem has the correct total values of 70% (50% + 20%) increased Critical Strike Chance, and +1% to Critical Strike Chance.
Right, the worst part is i checked twice before i posted that means i missread twice.

Please close the post.

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