[3.4] The Minion Hoarder - Pure Phys Zombie/Skeleton/Phantasm Summoner

First of all, if you are looking for a cheap build - Sorry, this guide isn't for you. There are some relativ expensive items needed.

To name the most expensive.

But i managed to clear a Tier 15 Basilica with 18/20 minion skillgems and literaly lvl 1 support gems and no quality for these gems.

This build evolves around the well known baron and the not so well known soulwrest. Phantasm deal physical damage, the Baron is all about stacking strength and put it to your minions. A match made in heaven. And if you sacrifice a little bit of damage from those phantasms, you will get even more.

But what will you get in return? Well... 13 hard hitting meat shields (Zombies), 12 hard hitting skeletons, 20 hard hitting phantasms, 2 buffs for your army in form of spectres and an animated guardian on top of it.

And because you stack up a lot of strength, you have a real high life pool. And even more survivability with a lot of energy shield and you could even go MoM if this is not enough for you.


Tier 13 Springs Map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d_4L0uBDOY
I still don't know why i died here, but i realised i hadn't summoned my animated guardian at all

Tier 16 Pit of the Chimera https://youtu.be/YuzbI1FAv1Q
Still low level support gems without quality and i still don't know how to move (in the cloud phase)

To be honest, i tried a Phoenix and a Hydra too, i cleared everything in the map, but died fast at the boss and finished the map with another char. I think for this kind of boss, the setup has to be more advance - more minion life and damage

But lets beginn with the Gear


I decided to go with

Because i like the energy shield for free

But you could get away with a Belly of the Beast as well.


Only one choice


Because of my choice of the chest, i HAVE to go with these

because this provides me even more energy shield

But if you choose a Belly, you can take any rare gloves with resistances, life, strengh


To get to at least 1000 strength, which is truely needed because of the Baron,
i only see one choice here


Only one choice here

without it, it is impossible to get to 1000 strength and the dex/int needed for the gems

Belt + Rings

You can choose here whatever you like but you need to stack up strength, resistances and life. I had to take an unset ring for the slot to put purity of Elements into it. Without i wouldn't be capped. If you want to invest in better rings/belt and/or you are lucky, you can get away without the Purity.

This is what i had laying around


Only one choice

And now for the gem links

Minions 1: Weapon
Summon Skeletons - Minion Damage - Summon Phantasm on Kill - Faster Projectiles - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Brutality Support

Minions 2: Chest

Raise Zombie - Minion Damage Support - Minion Life Support - Melee Physical Damage Support - Melee Splash Support - Brutality Support

Minions 3: Helmet

Raise Spectre - Minion Life Support - Animate Guardian - Blood Magic

Suppport 1: Gloves

Because you need to consume corpses and i want to be able to start the phantasm right from the beginning (and i am lazy and only want to click one button. It doesn't matter what you channel, lightning tendrils, storm burst - it is you choice.

Storm Burst - Cast While Channeling Support - Flesh Offering - Desecrate

Movement 1: Boots

You need something to move, so i decided to go with a Lightning Warp Setup.
But you can do Flame Dash as well if you want.

Lightning Warp - Faster Casting - Swift Affliction - Less Duration

Resistances 1: Ring - if needed
Purity of Elements

And now for the spectres i am using


For me, i like power charges and frenzy charges for my minions so i go with
1 Carnage Chieftain - Act 2 - The Old Fields
1 Host Chieftain - Act 6 - The Riverways

Btw: if you channel your skill only a short while it will only desecrate and not consume, so you do not have to take out the CWC. If you are lazy.. like me

The Animated Guardian

Jewels you need as well


Because this Build isn't cheap and for that it is not a good starter build i think you know how to level such a summoner. But if not, i see 2 ways of leveling this:

1. the standard SRS summoner
(On youtube there are a lot of guides)

2. physical zombie summoner with The Baron from level 26 on
(I think Phox Kappa made a good video about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZs4QReAfL4)

The Skilltree

I decided to share with you the PoB Link with exactly the gear/skills i ran the tier 15 map. Go see for yourself. You can make A LOT of improvements there.


The next skillpoints will go into: Born to Fight -> Heart of the Warrior -> Warrior's Blood


Because we are the Jack of all Trades


I killed Alira purely for the resistances. If you manage to get enough.. kill all


What i did with this build is nothing really new.
It borrows ideas from different authors and puts it into something different.
But i want to call them out at least:

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Hey OP, thanks for the sweet guide and great ideas.

I had a geoffrey's occultist template build lying around, so I put in the soulwrest, tweaked the tree and came up with this: https://pastebin.com/kDqziMCv

I'm doing low level maps with a variation now, and the clearspeed is really good : occultist profane bloom means you can get rid of melee splash and gmp, and put in minion speed, which means you just quicksilver flask around most of the time.

Add in malediction (10% less enemy damage), 30/12 block, way more ES regen, and the 2 defensive curses, and occultist makes a viable alternative to necromancer.

Resistances would be hard to cap though...
I like your builds, played one last league and I may come back this league. This league, I wanted to try an all life build.

Fun tip: I have dancing duo in my weapon swap. In the mine, I actually like the dancing duo better! I have 3 solar guards and I just take off and rush to the next stop without having to do anything except run. Once I'm there, vaal skeletons and then I can mess with maintenance.

I use solar guard specters, so my phantasm has two modes. Swap the phantasm gem to the specters for dancing duo, and to the staff for the phantasm staff.

Having a screen full of minions is kinda fun :)
What about taking Iron Grip instead of brutality/summon skeleton for the phantasams?
Shouldent they get a lot of str from the Barron?
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