[3.4] Wilierross's soulwrest summoner budget build [On Hold]

Hello my name is Ross and this is my first build that i am posting so don't judge to hard.

Ok so this build focuses on the soulwrest staff to summon skeleton mages to do all the work and to consume corpses to give regen and summon our level 20 Phantasm's while the zombies tank for us and the spectres give power and frenzy charges.

+Good in maps
+Good in delve

-can lag your pc some

The main gear that you need.
The rest will be rare gear get +life rolls and Resistance and you need at least 110 Dexterity and try to get two abyss jewels one with Minions have 5% chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks and one with Minions have 4% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks.
Current gear

Gem links
For the staff gem links are in order of importance change GMP to slower projectiles for bossing
Now for the helm
Now for the chest
Gloves now the Ball Lightning is to proc Elemental Equilibrium
Boots last

Act 7 ashen fields you need one Carnage Chieftain and one Host Chieftain

Gameplay to show how the build
is played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODmCBkFpprA&feature=youtu.be
Gameplay of a delve

Path of building link https://pastebin.com/CiLH9XrB
Has leveling trees

Come watch me play this build live https://www.twitch.tv/wilierross

I have cleared up to T15 maps easy and still going strong even in parties
as for bosses i have killed Atziri and i am working my up to uber Atziri and shaper and friends i will post updates on the progress during the league if you have any questions just ask i will try to answer the best i can.

Update One
I am getting to burned out so i am done with this league so here is screenshot of my atlas https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535307129 i did all of that on this build.
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Wow, this is a really smart build concept! I was working on a similar concept but with melee skellies. Now I realise that mage skellies have better synergy. Also it's been ages since I've seen an auramancer setup and it makes me happy.

Something to bear in mind is that Empower won't affect the Phantasm skill. Empower/Enhance/Enlighten only work on gems specifically. Sorry if you knew that already ^_^

A Curse on hit setup might free up some mana. Here's one way you could do it:

You'd need an unset ring to run Clarity. The chest would need to be 4l/2l to run this setup. Spell Cascade on Desecrate to create more corpses. Haste adds about 16% more DPS but does use up most of your mana (if you're depending upon MoM).

My only other suggestion (as a long-time necromancer player) is not to bother too much with minion life nodes unless you're focusing on Spectres. You might be able to free up some space on the tree with this in mind. A little bit of leech goes a long way.

I'm inspired now :D Apologies if this feedback is unwanted.

I spent some time working on a variant of your build. POB here: https://pastebin.com/KhZGr5HW

Key changes:
-Dropped MoM and tried to get 5k life. This is doable (but needs very good life rolls on everything - you'll see I edited the gear a bit). Still need to optimise this.
-Empower changed to Summon Phantasm on Kill (21) - for some reason, this gem makes Soulwrest able to create up to 21 Phantasms (rather than making Skellies generate Phantasms as you'd expect).
-Removed Zombies - build should have enough meat shields and they're hard to maintain (they are good if you use Flesh Binder though).
-Desecrate + Spell Cascade - generate more corpses.
-Flesh Offering - more DPS.
-Ball Lighting + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble - instead of blasphemy so that less mana is reserved. Can use Elemental Weakness instead of Enfeeble for more damage if desired.
-Now using 5 offensive auras in chest (for a 5-link, drop Wrath)
-Bubonic Trail for boots - detonates corpses as you walk near them, triggering Summon Phantasms. Also a free Abyss Socket. The detonation does Fire damage (so be careful with EE). I think this would make mapping smoother.
-Only using 10 Skeletons (any more would generate melee skeletons when used)
-Focused on getting more Aura effect and Reduced Mana Reservation.
-Added Stone Golem (Animated Guardian is also a great option and wouldn't die as much, but free regen is good).
-Clarity level has been tuned to allow mana to regenerate to max every second. May need to be adjusted if any spells cost more than 116 mana!

This variant gets more Dexterity and Strength from the tree as well as resists from below the Scion wheel, which should make gearing easier.
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Thank you for you're feedback i will give it a try

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