[3.4] inquisitor the stormwall COC bladefall glacial cascade (in development)

i leveled to 60 with The Stormheart cyclone+elemental damage with attacks+faster attacks+melee damage

at level 60 find a bro who will complete The Storm Spire prophecy for you

good to have and lategame uniques

- solves all lich problems

- clear speed and shock immun helps alot

- just good gloves with +attack crit chance

skill links
cyclone - coc - increased_crits - bladefall - glacial_cascade -(faster_attacks/add_accur/hypothermia)

assassins_mark - blasphemy


wrath/hatred + watchers eye

i guess you can use added_fire/herald_of_ash/anger but i just wanted it to be pure lightning/cold build


pob link

build suggestions are appreciated
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here is my cyclone stormwall build 3.5, about 500K dps without flasks, totems or additional ongoing skills vs shaper.


More then 1m dps with flasks. vaal warchief, warchief, blood rage, golems can be used to increase damage up to 1.5
Use Flask for lucky critical strike instead of quicksilver flask and change increased crit stike change vs increased crit damage.

(but this setup is better for leveling), I Also use item rarity support instead of concentrated effect for all maps but difficult setup tier 15 maps.

only maps that are not possible to play are reflect elemental damage maps

https://pastebin.com/4TVTZTVt (1.5M+ pob shaper dps, and more is possible)
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Yeah, when I was playing this build I noticed that cyclone itself had a lot of damage and didn't really need any coc spells to kill enemies. But playing plain cyclone is kind of boring to me) Probably gonna recreate this build in the new league, and will take some of your build ideas haha, thanks.

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