[3.4] inquisitor the stormwall COC bladefall glacial cascade (in development)

i leveled to 60 with The Stormheart cyclone+elemental damage with attacks+faster attacks+melee damage

at level 60 find a bro who will complete The Storm Spire prophecy for you

good to have and lategame uniques

- solves all lich problems

- clear speed and shock immun helps alot

- just good gloves with +attack crit chance

skill links
cyclone - coc - increased_crits - bladefall - glacial_cascade -(faster_attacks/add_accur/hypothermia)

assassins_mark - blasphemy


wrath/hatred + watchers eye

i guess you can use added_fire/herald_of_ash/anger but i just wanted it to be pure lightning/cold build


pob link

build suggestions are appreciated
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