[3.4] Master of Ailments w/ Lacerate -- Final Build Update ***All Content Down***

***End of League Build Update***

Path of Building link: https://pastebin.com/VJvt2aWb

Uber Elder Fight: https://youtu.be/1fsdL3ig5no

Several changes to the build since I first created the guide, including switch of Ascendant class to Slayer/Elementalist, plus greater focus on life versus previous build. At 5.9K life currently (6.2K for Uber Elder fight), with a PoB dps of 1.37MM for Lacerate (without Shock). Level 27 Herald of Agony and Herald of Purity also add substantial damage. Very easy to keep up max virulence stacks with this build, even against a single target.

The build can handle all map mods except no leech. I've been able to do everything deathless except Elder Uber, but it's an easy farm with a little practice.

All-in-all, the build turned out to have pretty good clear speed (very fast leap slam and massive AoE) and great bossing capabilities. Made it to Delve 450 with ease and could certainly go further.

Current gear:





Belt and jewelry:






Only changes in gear is for Uber Elder fight, where Wise Oak is swapped for a Sulfur flask and boots are swapped for these:


Original Build Guide:


If you want massive in-game tool tip numbers and something tried and true, this build might not be for you. But if you like utilizing game mechanics to the max, enjoy trying something off the beaten path and wouldn't mind morphing a paltry 38K DPS tool tip into monstrous 1 million+ DPS (plus crawler dps), read on.

Gameplay Video:


T15 Map:

T16 Hydra:

NOTE ON THE MAP RUNS: Swapped Ming's Heart, Belt and Helm for more life for T15 and T16 runs. Shaper run uses Voidheart and life-focused rare belt.

For those uncomfortable playing with anything below 5K, this build offers 6 jewels slots ... none of my current jewels have so much as a single % of life. Needless to say, this build could easily support upwards of 6K+ life. I made this swap mostly to demonstrate the flexability of the build regarding life pool. Swap items below.)

Skinny on the Build

- Uses dual-wield Lacerate w/ full-screen coverage and 28+ hits per second
- Powerful leeching w/ slayer's overleech
- Apply Bleed, Poison, Chill, Shock, Ignite, Freeze, Intimidate, Blind (and choice of temporal chains, vulnerability or enfeeble) to everything on the screen in an instant
- 27% chance to shock, 20% chance to freeze, 20% chance to ignite with 28+ chances per second
- Yoke of Suffering plus Ruthless Support provides ability to apply powerful shocks, even to enemies with huge life pools
- Perma Fortify, Onslaught and Culling Strike
- Plays like a bow build, but w/ pierce everything, auto targeting and GMP (without the penalty)
- Watch the Herald of Agony crawler eviscerate everything at 40 stacks during every encounter


- Tons of build flexibility
- Superb clear speed
- Decent boss killer
- Single skill for mobs and bosses
- No mana issues ever
- Can do all map mods except no leech; ele reflect require swapping Haste for Hatred and swapping out stat stick (Broken Faith is a good, cheap option)


- Smallish life pool (see below), so beware the one-shot (looking at you Minotaur)
- A couple of expensive (yet mandatory) items ... basic version of this build runs about 6ex. I've spent about 12ex on current gear)


Before we get into the details, I want to address the enormous pachyderm that's standing in the middle of the room with a very blank stare on its face. Yes, this build has very, very low life for the typical melee build. But this is NOT your typical melee build. Blind + enfeeble negates most attacks, and everything is literally vaporized or knocked back before it ever gets close enough to attack, including T16 rares. So it's really a matter of dodging spells. Yes, you will die to the game's biggest hitters (think Minotaur). But getting one shot is a rare event, and easy to avoid with a little skill. If you want more life, get it on jewels and in the tree. Build even offers flexibility to target life on boots, helm and chest. But personally, I prescribe to the notion that more offense equals more defense, especially when it comes to SC.

Key Items for the Build:

Yoke of Suffering

This is the most expensive item in the build (currently about 3ex on Decent), but it's worth every bit of what you pay. You'll be applying every "ailment" (Bleed, Poison, Chill, Shock, Ignite, Freeze) in the first half second of an encounter, and YoS turns this into blistering damage.

- Six ailments X 5% = 30% more damage
- Shock w/ total ele damage
- 7% chance to shock
- Decent ele resist

The Taming

Also a little pricey (2.2ex on Decent), but this is a huge piece of our DPS and ailment application.

- 10% Chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite
- Tons of ele damage (60%)
- Tons of increased damage (60% w/ ele ailments on)
- Decent ele resist

Soul Taker

Forget about your mana woes. Chill everything. Deal massive amaounts of damage thanks to high pdps and attack speed.

- Great APS in a high pdps axe
- Phys damage can Chill
- Negates mana issues of ultra high APS
- Cheap to buy

Shaper Stat Stick

Look for a high amount of phys added as ele. Try to get fire and lightning since Hatred already has cold damage covered. Intimidate on hit, area damage, ele damage and ele attack damage are all great. Make sure not to get an axe or sword so you're only using ST for lacerate.

- Massive dps boost
- Can be expensive, but there are bargains aplenty

Boot Enchant (10% Chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite if you haven't crit recently)

- Masterful when combined with Resolute Technique; doubles our chance to ignite and freeze, and adds loads more shock chance
- Not exactly in demand, so should be affordable (another enchant option would be ele pen.)

Ondar's Clasp

The single most underrated item in the game, probably because it's only useful to Slayers. Makes them cheap and easy to vaal for on hit curse of your choice. AND YES, YOU CAN USE THIS AND BLOOD RAGE SIMULTANEOUSLY. AMAZING, RIGHT?

- 30% attack speed
- On hit curse w/ corruption (take your pick of Enfeeble, Temp Chains or Vulnerability ... I go with Enfeeble because Enfeeble + Blind = ha-ha, you can't hit me!)


Good belt to gain both defensive and offensive stats. High pdps means pretty high uptime on fortify and onslaught.

- Fortify + Onslaught
- Decent +% maxlife

"Nice to Have" Items:

Cherrubim's Maleficence

CM provides a pretty solid combination of defense (leech, max. life and armour/evasion) and offense (chaos damage)

Ming's Heart

Chaos resist + chaos damage? Sure. Energy shield doesn't matter, but try to get the 5% reduced max life, as the build is already "life pool challenged"

"Agony Helmet"

This is only necessary if you want to add Agony of Herald to the build, which I do because hey, more DPS! The key here is minion damage, so Insanity Essence (50% of phys damage added as extra lightning) is a must. +1-3 Socketed minion gems is also nice. Ultimate would be Elder Bone Helmet w/ +3 minion gem, Minion Damage and Conc Effect.

Gem Setup:

Lacerate - Melee Physical - Damage on Full Life - Multistrike - Ruthless - Poison

(If no HoA, drop Poison and replace w/ Maim, Faster Attacks, Elemental Attack Damage or Conc. Effect. Conc. Effect is also a good choice depending on your AoE coverage preference. Lots more DPS, less coverage. Elemental Attack Damage is heavily dependent upon the quality of your stat stick.)

Ancestral Warchief - Damage on Full Life - Melee Physical Damage

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

CWDT - Flesh Offering/Convocation - Phase Run - Hatred

CWDT - Immortal Call - Blood Rage - Blood Magic

Herald of Agony - Damage on Full Life - Minion Damage - Maim


Slayer -- Mandatory and awesome! Leech at max life, 20% AoE, Culling Strike and no phys reflect. Everything work so well with this build.

Total flexibility for your second class pick. I go with Saboteur for the 30% AoE, chance to Blind (and you will instablind everything) and the little bit of ele pen.

Other good options: Elementalist, Berserker, Trickster, Assassin (if you go crit)


Look for attack speed, damage, area damage, physical damage.

***If you don't feel comfortable with such low life, go with flat life or +% to max life.***

Try to grab at least one Murderous Eye with 5% chance to gain Unholy Might on Kill, especially if you're not running with Sin's Rebirth. This won't do much for boss fights w/ add, but slaughter's trash.

Skill Tree:

Target attack, AoE, Life and Leech.

***Same note as above with Jewels ... if you don't feel comfortable with such low life, put more into life and less into DPS.***

Here's my tree:



Standard melee DPS-focused setup of:

NOTE: Leech can usually fade any bleed, but you'll want to take care of freeze on your sulfur flask (I'm still working on that).

That's about it! This is my first build guide, so please let me know if I am missing anything, or if there is anything else anyone would like to know.

I'm currently building this guide on a plane and won't have access to POE for the next few days, but once I get back I'll try to post some gameplay.

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interested, but i wonder. how the survivability in this build?can u provided a video for the clear speed / gameplay??
naimhairix51 wrote:
interested, but i wonder. how the survivability in this build?can u provided a video for the clear speed / gameplay??

I'm away for work until Thursday, but I'll definitely get something up over the weekend.

I can understand the concern over the life pool. That said, this build does offer lots of flexibility to add more health. Jewels, boots, helm and tree can all be tweaked to bring in loads more life without altering the essence of the build. If someone had the currency, they could simply replace the jewels (there are 6 sockets in this tree) with life+damage and gain as much as +42% life without losing much dps. I just don't have the currency to do so (7% life jewels are crazy expensive!). As of right now, I don't have any life on my jewels.

You'll eventually see in the video, but I can tell you clear speed and survivability are very, very good through T15. I've only run two T16 maps. The first was an unidentified corrupted Hydra map that I completed with 2 deaths (both to him). The second was a Minotaur map with bloodlines mod. I only managed to get him halfway down on heath before running out of portals. He was one-shotting me with his jumping out the ground move. I also destroyed Elder on a T11 map with 2 death. Did this at lvl 86 w/ about 3.5K life, and this was before I had Cherrubim's Maleficence and I was using a different, less powerful stat stick.
Updated with gameplay video of T15 map (Basilica).
Updated with T16 map (Hydra).
Nice update, if only i was rich :')
Sholus wrote:
Nice update, if only i was rich :')

Thank you ... it's been a lot of fun to play!

The only really expensive parts of this build are Yoke of Suffering and The Taming. Both can now be had on Delve for about 4.5ex. Everything else (minus the 6-link Cherrubim's, which isn't even essential) is less than 2ex. So it's not nearly as expensive as it was a week ago, but yeah, it's takes some investment. I just wanted to try something new and make a viable Lacerate/HoAg build since they both have such bad reps. Lacerate especially.
Added Shaper run video.
Updated gem setup and headline DPS to reflect changes.

Now using Lacerate->Multistrike->Damage on Full Life->Melee Physical Damage Support->Ruthless->Conc. Effect (replacing Poison Support).

Swapped life ring to Voidheart to compensate for dropping Poison Support. Also running with Haemophilia gloves for Delves and mapping. Ondar's Clasp still best in slot for Shaper, Elder, etc.
End of league build update with PofB link and gear list.

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