[3.4] Shaper Cosplay Build - A Shaper Beam Scorching Ray and Blackhole Frostbolt setup

This is a build inspired by the shaper beam MTX and the black hole frost bolt MTX. This is mostly a fun build, it's not going to do insane amounts of damage, but it can do most of the game's content comfortably.

Pros and Cons

+ Decent clear
+ Visuals
+ Cheap to build (all you really need is a 6 Link
+ Easy to level, would only work as a starter if you were willing to farm/buy a tabula early though
+ SSF friendly

- Not really a boss killer
- Requires you to stand still to build up the damage for tougher enemies

- It's not a meta build in any way (maybe a + for some :) )


Thought it would be relevant, given that the build is inspired them the MTXs:
Shaper Beam Scorching Ray
Blackhole Frostbolt
Blackhole Vortex
Celestial character effect, footprints and herald effect
Celestial Hood and Cape

Skill setup

The main skill setup here is:
Scorching Ray - Cast while channeling - Frostbolt - Cold to fire - Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction

You also wanna run Herald of Ash and I use Arctic armor and clarity.

For proccing Elemental Overload and cursing enemies I use:
Orb of Storms + Increased Critical Strikes + Curse on Hit + Flammability

Other than that I use Vaal Righteous Fire as a DPS cooldown and a Stone Golem for some extra regen.

Just to look cool I have vortex linked to cwdt, and it actually casts it on the cursor, which can make for some nice visuals.


These are the items I'm currently using in SSF and it works fairly well, so you can see you don't need much to get this build going.

You'll also want to grab two frozen trails!

Notable passives

In the elementalist ascendancy we go for Beacon of Ruin (we can shock with orb of storms as we use elemental focus) and Mastermind of Discord.

Before uber lab, I went with Mastermind of discord and Paragon of calamity and I would suggest that as Shaper of Desolation is very underwhelming without Beacon of Ruin, IMO.

We also grab Avatar of Fire, Elemental Overload and Mind Over Matter.


Some short leveling footage I got
Running Delves
Build Guide

I will likely move this character to trade league now to grab some extra items with the currency I have saved up and push my atlas to upload a shaper vs shaper cosplay video.

Extending the build

If I wanted to extend the build I would go for The Unshattered Will as my shield as that provides a lot of survivability when you are channeling scorching ray. However, the perfect item for this build would be 6-Link a Ream Ender with combustion replacing cold-to-fire (since the item gives you a level 5 cold to fire).
Last bumped on Nov 1, 2018, 6:37:59 AM
Great idea! :D
This is awesome i rolled this build for my delve just for the looks. If i wanted to push this to the max what best in slot items/stat items would you recommend for absolute end game other than realm for wep?
skill treee ?

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