[3.4] Soulwrest Blade Vortex Necromancer - Hybrid Caster / Summoner

My goal was to make a hybrid build with the new staff "Soulwrest". Currenly a WIP, I'll be updating this post as I play and discover new things.

I chose BV because it has synergies with the summoner play style. With duration stacking it is easy to maintain a decent amount of damage while using other skills in between casts.

BV also synergies with Herald of Purity which add a bit of extra DPS. I'm currently running a pure Physical Damage setup. BV DPS is about 180k with curses/debuffs.

Soulwrest has an innate level 20 Summon phantasm. When supported with a level 21 "Summon Phantasm on Kill Support" you can have a maximum of 21 phantasms.

1. Very active playstyle
2. Fast clear for a minion build
3. Easy to get started, just need Soulwrest
4. Tier 1-15 maps done easily, and delve floor 200+

1. Limited hotkeys
2. Limited sockets
3. Since its hybrid it will never beat a traditional summoner or BV in damage
4. Minion damage numbers are mystery
5. Fortify is a little tedious to get

Current Gear

NOTE: Their is no need to link Soulwrest. Support gems work similarly to Whispering Ice or Ngamahu's Flame. I was experimenting with a 6-link, but found it worth it.

NOTE: I'm currently using brutality with BV so I don't get the extra damage from Taste of Hate, but its still an amazing defensive flask.

NOTE: The Vigil gives you and your minions 30+ seconds of Fortify.

Passive Tree

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Nice build. I'm working on a similar build.

Are the phantasms good enough on their own? I have Zombies-maim-multistrike-brutality-minion dmg-melee phys in the armour then use Baron and str. Iron Will on BV in soulwrest to buff Bv and phantasm spell.

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