[3.4] Ascendant cleave/double strike build can do uber lab and normal atziri reflect immune nuts dmg

hello guys welcome to my first ever home made build for poe with my 2000 hours of experience proof here - https://steamcommunity.com/id/DOOMSLAYS/ ive had no help with this so beware it may not do HC and such but ur welcome to try it and make ur own adjustments this is really just a base but also if u use this could u please tell me i wanna know if anyone likes what i did its like a build to help learn how to balance res and Etc.
just wisper @cleverlady
as thats my current chars name but dont look at her current gear as ive converted her into my own darkness farmer

so to start of with heres my POB it includes a sword varient or axe varient you can choose within the tabs i will be updating the pob soon once i reach lvl 80 or so when i feel i can make more adjustments to make it more stable in endgame etc

Here is the gear (not finished but started)
current gear:

if ur wanting to watch my progress or want to be the exsact same setup as me just search up my character called cleverlady to see where im up to and what ive done and or added

Notes to consider
If you are to play this build there is a the fact that u can make this budget in ur own way doing what ever but the build i have pictured will use almost perfect uniques and starforge or atziri's disfavour depending if u go axe or sword
the build revolves around physical dmg and armour and some evasion to help maybe dodge those hard hits that may one shot u
as you play u may lack in HP depending how u go through the tree as you lvl
with this build u can use other gems and skills like lacerate and others depending if u go axe or sword
also take into account that ive made this entire build drunk and played it drunk for shits and giggles you know
if u cannot afford starforge use a doomsower till u can and for the axes id say either use a rare with high phys or kitava's feast or just lvl with swords then spec into the axe nodes it wont be hard

POB screen shots

Adjustments and lvling stuff
So if u feel while lvling that u may be not getting enough mana returns or keeping ur life up requires u to spam pots then u can use thiefs torment till u feel that u have good enough leech there is leech nodes on the tree but for the best leech you will have to wait till after uberlab i found it was okay but depending how you lvl will determine if u have a problem i first went towards the leech nodes and RT along with a balance of the dmg and life nodes i didnt get the endurance charge nodes till later as i found having three was good enough for now. another point is when lvling if ur not lucky enough to have some dosh to get a thiefs torment and ur other lvling uniques like using daresso all the way through then just grab some amulet that grants dex and int as u wont get much of that from the tree u need more int later when u get golems so just get dex till u reach act 5 where u can use lightning or flame golem depends if u want to be fast of more hard hitting make sure u get resolute techinque as soon ad possible as it will grant u 100% chance to hit compared to the 80% u will have without it and it really does matter some people have told me to go one handed or crit but i say fuck that i want contant dmg and i hate one handers thanks to reave being a nightmare also having be two handed weapons you can get more aoe from alot of them cause as i said the cleave is to clear so u want as much aoe as u can to wipe packs in no time if u still struggle instead of tomb fist u can use Haemophilia to help with clear since we already have 50% chance to cause bleed this adds another 25% making it a 75% chance to cause them to bleed cause u to deal more dmg and have the fact that u cause enemies to explode killing most of the pack

Lab note:
Can run normal cruel and merc dunno about uber just yet

if u have any suggestions to what i can add or change tell me below i will respond to questions to like what i think is best if u ask that question ill be checking this thread every day till the end of delve

Right click the images then press view image its bugged for some reason

oh also if u do enjoy this build maybe come by my stream that i do sometimes at https://www.twitch.tv/doomslayer454 thanks
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what about jewels?
well the jewels can be anything that benefits u such as attack speed if u need that or things that add more phys dmg to ur sword axe or mace depend on the skill u use this build tends to do very well with cyclone if u want fast clear speed so it can be used with either a axe or sword up to u i personal like starforge and it grants life alot with dmg

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