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As a fairly active PvPer, and Red Phantom, to use a Dark Souls reference, I have a thought to toss into the pool.

So every league, we have the same thing happen. 180 seconds to survive in Sarn.

"OHNOES, there's someone attacking in a free for all PvP arena. He must be an [insert expletive here]."

Personally, people complaining about being attacked in a survival mode/free for all open PvP arena makes me want to attack more. It's the principal, man. Though, as I said before, I'm a Red Phantom. I really like PvP and even though it is a meme in PoE, there's very much a meta and good way to go about it. So with that in mind.

The proposed idea:

Some guilds could prop up. Get some people together who think people like me are [insert expletive here]'s and make a group of Blue Phantoms. I.E., people who defend others against people who want to attack others in Sarn. It would promote competitive PvP and people could root for one side or the other.

Friendly fire is, of course an issue, but hey, that would just raise the skill cap. Imagine zoning someone off from one corner, using AoE from two players. Protecting the people who want to survive. It'd be great.

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Defending leo feeders? What s for really, they are not here to enjoy pvp anyway and most of them will try to turn on you once their daily is over.

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a funny result of removing the names from the map meant that i accidentally killed the crap out of leo people.
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"Your forum signature was removed as it was considered to be inappropriate and a breach of our Code of Conduct." was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
Nothing wrong with accidentally killing leo people, they should learn to move too.
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Removing the names is interesting. I like it. Adds a lot more strats to the matches or Sarn in general.

Also enables people running away to have a better chance of not being found. Though for some reason, they insist on going to the corners, because "no one would think to check there" I guess.

Head_Less Wrote: ...
You enjoy static targets good for you, must feel like an amazing player.

Thanks! I am an amazing player. I appreciate the compliment

Head_Less Wrote: ...
Defending leo feeders? What s for really, they are not here to enjoy pvp anyway

PvP Master + Free for all PvP arena. Not interested in PvP. I need a math computation meme.

Are they worth being defended? no
Does killing them afk make you a pvp god? Depend of your Ego man.
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The people entering Sarn, a PvP arena, and complaining about being killed are not there for PvP. You're right about that. Ergo, math meme.

Killing AFK or pacifist players does not make me a good PvPer. You're right about that. It doesn't make me a bad one either. It does make me a [expletive], but I never said otherwise.

Head_Less Wrote: ...
"You can cling on your [de]lusions that PVE players are entering sarn for PVP"

So we agree that some players entering Sarn are not there for PvP and just want free stuff. That's all well and good. I do not desire praise, nor comfort. Though I would like to support their play-style more. Offer them a way to have some fun while they AFK in a open PvP area for 3 minutes, cursing players out who are there to fight.

I appreciate your input. Though I think it misguided. I would like to see some defenders in Sarn. Offer those who want the free stuff an incentive to create a dynamic in PvP that affords some back and forth. I'll destroy them regardless, but I don't think it hurts to summon up some guardians from the community to protect these innocents who just want free stuff.

I'd also like to point out. Praising my name would be silly. I'd rather they get better or find someone to defend them who can destroy me and others like me. I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy getting beat. It spurs me to get better.
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Take good long hard look lads, today marks the official death of PvP, hilariously just after GGG finally broke out the heart paddles. It wasn't the long list of gripes we all had with PvP, no not one of us could have predicted this malady.

It was never PvP itself, it was the players. The concept was always PLAYER Vs PLAYER. Players were so important they were mentioned in the title twice. And now the players have failed. Despite our best efforts, autism has reared its ugly head.

We can't blame GGG this time, they tried their best to stave it off. Heck you can't even have anime profile pics in this forum, that's how insanely prepared GGG was for this scenario. But we, WE failed. We slacked off, I slacked off. For but a mere several months quality control of pvpers was left unattended and now we have this. I'm... I'm sorry guys.

It's too late to regret now, it's already terminal. For all our greatness, we fall not with a blast, but a
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I always get triggered by players who kill afk leo players ....after a drinking weekend.

I got triggered and started forum pvp.

OP I apologies, I don t like you idea those PVE players are not worth our time but whatever rock your world.

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