[3.4] Herald of Dominating Semi-Aurabot --- 7 Aura, "Tripple" Herald Dominating Blow Guardian


I will change something here later, but i need to work now for some hours. Just concluded here and I feel like that this one can go pretty deep, assuming the dominated minions are strong enough on their own, but PoB cant calculate their damage yet.

One Aura should be disabled to make the manareservation not down to -2%, but even then its a build that supports 7 auras, 3 heralds, and is able to keep up a good dominating blow.

I would like to hear something from you.

I need some ideas if heralds like this to boost minion damage are enough.
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In some hours there is more then some template in
Hey Man,

I am wanting to do the same build. Cool to find another person thinking of the same thing :D

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