3.4 The lean mean leeching machine bloodseeker zerker molten strike My very first build

This build is designed to a facetank instant leech build. Since vaal pact was nerfed leeching is no longer instant.

However we use

This gives us instant leech. We stack it with a bunch of life nodes and blocking for defensive layers.

I'm still working on the build but the tree looks something like this:

https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.4.1/AAAABAECAAAGAdwFLQW1DHMNjRGBEdUUIBR1FfYV_Ra_FukY2xutIWAiryP2JDck_SaVKgswfDWSNug4UzrhPfxAoEMxRfRHfkp9TZJN41BHUUdUR1VLVvpXl1hjWK9ei18_X9BgQWHiYnlirGNwY6dkr2VNZ6BsjG1sbztvV3BSdO108XX9dud313fjeA14GXj5eWh6737dfyuDvYRvhNmGYId2idOKOIw2jM-NfY2BjbmNv5KAk5CVZphXmhebJqOKpMKmV6a-p22pbrGztMW1SLXyvTa-p78IwBrBBMGgwuzG2NRC1gfYvdrB3Ubd5-DY45_miOdU53To1u8O8kX2SPhf_W7-Cv6P_94= I went with zerker for the powerful leech. I am still working on the tree and am currently level 56. I'm not sure if I want to remove points from the shadow area and go to elemental overload

I'll work on this post as I continue working on the build. If you have any suggestions for the tree let me know.
Last bumped on Sep 8, 2018, 10:03:34 AM
path of building link?

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