[3.4] One Button Bandit Build for Chase

I'm trying to come up with a two-handed smash build that won't just pop when he gets hit. This is for my 6-year-old son who just wants to run around in a game with his daddy. He won't know which skills need to be used when (timing special flasks won't help), he will get sad if he can't keep up (a little movement speed), He doesn't like dying.

What I was messing around with were some auras that are just auto on. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Summon_Holy_Relic



Passive Tree

I don't know how to clean up the text so the URLs aren't so long. There is still a lot of editing to be done.
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U play since 2013 and u make such a messy and just wrong tree?
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Dafii wrote:
U play since 2013 and u make such a messy and just wrong tree?
I played a guy up to lvl 30 back in 2013 and I just started playing this game about a week ago when Delve launched. So I'm slowly starting to understand the mechanics and what gems will work with what gems. No, I don't have a PHD in PoE. I also didn't make this post for criticism I made it for guidance. So if you cannot offer any than this is not a place for you.
I would recommend a build that relies on slayer ascendancy(dualist class) or a lot of regen that coupled with a melee skill.

Those should be very forgivable for younger players
IF you need any builds i can link a couple.

If you want to make your own build and not just follow someone else build
Just try to get around 5-7% regen from passives and around a 200% life from skill nodes then just pump damage.(of cource damage and regen and life all a bit balanced)

It won't be a perfect build but should not have any problems getting you through the story if you need any help just yell ^^

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