[3.4] Trying to dual wield rigwald weapon | Full physical | Block/Bleed

Hi guys, i actually enjoy my one-handed gladiator build and i was wondering if a dual wield rigwald was possible. This is the very first build i try to make myself and i appreciate some help with this.

So far i have make this 100 points skill tree :


And i already don't know if i am doing right with my ascendancy.

For the main skill i was hesitating between dual strike/Lacerate/Heavy strike.

Since we use both sword and axe, their is not so much choice left.

In the other hand Leap Slam is obvious.

Is my skill tree correct ? Are they other unique which seems indispensable ?

And thanks guys for helping me !!
Last bumped on Sep 7, 2018, 5:13:06 AM

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