[3.4] Necromancer Summoner/Wander - Looking for advice into developing build.

This might become a full fledged guide if it attracts attention and has potential.

Bit of backstory:

I came back to path after a few years hiatus, and winged a build with absolutely no effort, not meaning to invest myself very much.

The results surprised me, so I am wondering if it is my inexperience with new content that makes me think that, because from my perspective, it seems slightly OP.

Reality is I barely spent 12 chaos on poe.trade and swapped a few things around, my gear is not optimized at all and I am certainly not a good player. My tree is probably not optimized as well.


At rest:

This is with only wrath and anger.

While busy:

This is with flesh offering and elemental overload on, all powercharges (does it matter with overload ?), potion buffs, all the gimmicks.

I am currently 76, and my highest level in the gems department is 18.

While I don't think it's groundbreaking or revolutionary, I do think there is potential considering I have 6 fully buffed zombies and two fully buffed specters as well. I am seeking the community's opinion, hopefully I am not delusional and I am on to something!

Issues I am currently struggling with:

-It's low hp in its current form, but the gear is not up to par. I believe part of this problem will be fixed when it is but perhaps someone will have advice ?

-I struggle a bit with mana, it's manageable with pots that recharge on crit but perhaps someone has an idea I haven't thought of ?

-I am looking for advice on running haste in addition to wrath and anger.

-It is a bit bottlenecked on clear speed by movement skill. Perhaps someone will have advice on that as well.

Advantages I can see:

-I think it has potential in the DPS department.

-The projectiles home in on monsters on their own. It's autoaimish ?

-The zombies and specters really make a lot of encounters more manageable.

-A summoner build if you want to play that, that feels more "active" than most ? You are actually shooting stuff instead of endlessly summoning little fiery heads~~

-This cost me next to nothing.

-It culls without even trying.

-In my current config, it shocks easily.

I think I see good potential, again, I am seeking advice from the community. :)

The gear I currently have:

It's by no means good, I wouldn't even say it's passable, but then, I don't really know. I am also seeking advice on the gear side, there is very likely uniques I have not thought of. If the gear is indeed subpar, this means there's wiggle room to make this a lot better.


The build

Please understand that I am not saying this is good, I am actually looking into how it could be better and if it is worth trying. Please don't criticise my lack of building builds skills! Also many nodes are there because I need the arbitrary 2 dex or 3 str and it's easier and cheaper to get if I respec a point. This will be fixed with gear over time.
Please view it as a skeleton rather than a finished build, I see many issues with it myself.

It started as a fully fledged summoner build with ragings and such, but when I found the new nodes that allow you to use minion bonuses, I decided to try and see if I could DPS myself. Turns out, it works, and it's awesome! (To me.)

The build uses minion passive nodes to bolster your own damage and attack speed. This gives you powerful minions, and you're not left defenseless at ALL when you have no more minions. It has worked wonderfully for me, despite the few deaths from the lack of survival. Some effort into it oughta fix that, though I am wondering if it's worth it and asking for the community's opinion.

How I play it

Currently, I seek good specters first, my current setup is for Heretical Guards ? Something like that, you can find them act 10 in the burning square. The ones that pop the bubble and use spectral throws. I suck at memory. :D

I fire up wrath and anger, make sure I removed specters from my bar, and when I am about to enter a pack, I pop a sulphur and I blast away. The zombies and specters will go/shoot towards where you are shooting yourself, so you sort of direct them whenever you shoot.

Neither the zombies or specters die in my experience since I hit maps, though that may change on higher level maps and bosses. (Will change :D)

I am also looking into something like a barrage setup for bosses.


I would like to know if this has potential, if I should invest more effort into it or just continue playing it casually. I am having a lot of fun with it, for me it's a new take on summoners. I do know many builds will outperform this, but it might also appeal to people seeking other things. I thought it would be good to share, at least, even if there's no potential compared to others.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and hopefully, we can turn this into something!

You can im me in-game @ ShaggyBarfs.
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I think there is a lot of potential in the build
Like you I started with SRS then found the minion damage applies to player node and decided to go DPS
I went Consecrated Path first because I love flicker strike and wanted to see the feel of it.

Then moved onto Power Siphon which has been really great.
I got up to T12 maps I can basiclly clear all the trash mobs without problems.

I currently use Solar Guards but I am definately going to try Tukohuma's Vanguard for the single target damage because I can clear maps myself, I just need better single target.

My Zombies are dieing abit now at T11+, I have not played necro enough to know if I add minion life and empower support would they be able to survive t15+ maps.

I have spent quite a bit of currency so my gear pretty good.
I am definately going to Min/Max this build and see how far I can go with it.

I currently use Solar Guards but I am definately going to try Tukohuma's Vanguard for the single target damage because I can clear maps myself, I just need better single target.

I was also thinking about switching to ST spectres since I mostly clear packs before my spectres even shoot at them.

I also tried kinetic blast, it does clear faster, but does a bit less DPS ST, but with ST spectres, it should compensate ?

I decided to go with run speed boots instead of Ullr's, I used Ullr for a while until I realized how strong I was myself.

Great input on your gear, many pieces I can definitely use! Thank you for sharing. =)
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