[3.4] Smite Inquisitor Templar (Delve)

So I have been playing this game again recently and having followed a couple of other people's builds, have decided to try one of my own for the new Delve league.
Don't be too harsh, I am learning this as I go and I am only a casual player so it might take me a while to complete it.


Level 43
DPS: 391.39
Life: 1696
Mana: 704 (578 reserved)

Doesn't seem to be an issue that I only have 98 for skills as my mana regen keeps it running and if needed I can let the minions kill trash mobs.


I will try to break the tree into targets for the end of each Act. I am using the Tree Builder, so it can all be found here:
Passive Tree

Bandits: Kill Them All



Work in Progress
(level indicates when the gem became available for me)

Main Skill
Level 1: Smite
Level 4: Smite - Ancestral Call
Level 10: Smite - Ancestral Call - Added Lightning Damage
Level 24: Smite - Ancestral Call - Added Lightning Damage - Physical to Lightning Damage

Quick Move
Level 12: Leap Slam
Level 34: Leap Slam - Life Gained on Hit - Melee Splash - Added Lightning Damage

Level 7: Holy Relic
Level 16: Herald of Purity - Minion Damage
Level 34: Herald of Purity - Increased Duration - Minion Damage

Level 28: Wrath

Level 43: Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Enduring Cry

Just trying this out to see if they work in combination.
Did use stone golem for a while, so will go back to that if this isn't useful.


To Be Added

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I noticed you take spell damage nodes in the tree, why is this? smite doesnt do spell damage?

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