3.4 necro doule herald poison bow

Ive been searching for such a build for a while but did not find anything.
Anyone tried a necro build with one of the new chaos bow skills, herald of agony and purity fully linked in coming calamity, some other minions (golem, zombie, skels and/or spectre), focusing only on minion nodes and life (or maybe es) with the new nodes which grant minion damage and attack speed to yourself. Should have pretty fast clear (crawler, bow skill, maybe golem and/or sentrys) and very strong bossing too (bow and all minions). Should be pretty save as it is ranged and has a ton of minions to draw aggro.

Am i missing anything, or why did this noone try yet or at least i could not find any posts about it.
Last bumped on Sep 4, 2018, 2:04:32 PM

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