[3.4] Tofugu's H̶a̶m̶m̶e̶r̶ Blade-a-din

Still running this through the game/testing, but the concept of the build is simple and the PoB numbers look decent (300k shaper dps w/o items), and so far has been very smooth.

Given the new "holy warrior" aesthetic of some of the new skills in 3.4, and the Delve league aesthetic, the build sarted out as a nostalgia, Hammerdin inspired, build from Diablo II, with the main idea being to build around BV (where is my BV hammer MTX :P) in addition to the new Herald of Purity skill. The high hit rate on BV (proc HoP on single target) combined with the innate scaling on BV per blade coupled with flat phys from HoP, and the "double dip" from the Spiritual Aid notable are the core synergies.


-300k Shaper Dps (w/o items)
-SSF viable
-Fair amount of wiggle room in the build to alter it to a more defensive variant


-Requires Dex stat support on gear, but nothing chronic or unattainable
-Low sustain/Flask dependant

As far as gearing goes, I've been focusing on standard BV synergies for leveling as it deletes most non end game content, ultimately though the idea is to capitilize on Spiritual Aid by gearing with minion dps increases.

As far as gamplay goes it's quite efficient in the clearing department with BV + HoA and the HoP minions cleaning up what's left over.

The HoP minions really come into play on single target, and one can run a Vaal Summon skeletons to further boost this. Zombies of course are also an option but I'm too lazy to re-summon them on the occasions that they die.

Ascendancy is the obvious: Guardian, picking up the HoP buffs along with Harmony of Purpose and Time of Need.

I'll be updating this as I go, feel free to give it a try and post your feedback, it's been a blast so far!


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