[3.4] hitnrun - static strike CoC bladevortex


When i first see the rework on static strike, i immediately think about CoC. As this attack need only to be used once every seconds, it let a lot of rooms for other skills or simply run around. Bladevortex synergies well with that "capped" cast speed and the aoe / duration tags.

I've tested and changed this build multiple times. Finally i aimed at something more robust and consistant. That's probably not the best clearspeed or dps, but enough to do almost everything. The advantage of that is that you can do every map without regards of mods, and don't die too often such that you still gain xp, even if you play as bad as me...

Some guardians and Shaper were lethal the first time i do them (1 or more death) but i could probably managed to avoid the death if i played better, (was my second shaper). I don't finish Uber Elder yet, but it was the first time i was doing it and i lacked mechanics. But uber elder is probably hard to do.

3.5 Patch note:
Two nice buffs:
-Better QoL with vaal skill instant for vaal RF and vaal Grace.
-of course CoC buff is nice, but not as nice since you are still capped by the 10 stacks of BV. You will probably need less acuracy and crit

Build concept

This is a good build to map lots of different map with any mods(reflect, no lifeleech, ...). For ex. as a league starter. The build is based on multiple concepts:

Static strike CoC Bladevortex
Obviously, as explained in introduction.

It's quite hard to get enough crit on CoC, especially when you only hit once every 0.4s. So assassin is a good way to have lot of crits. "Opportunistic" let us do reflect map.

Rigtheous Fire
My favorite spell, i can't play poe without. Gives good amount of dps and now that it is instant, can gives easily some tankiness with a dousing flask and "50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently" from pantheon.

Pro / Con

-Can be cheap to do low lvl map, the "lvling" PoB link below was done only with levelling wealth ( ~15 chaos) so it can be a league starter.
-Can do all map mods(reflect, no regen, ...)
-Good QoL mapping: you can just hit once and then run and loot, open doors, ...
-Constant clearspeed, so probably better than some on map with walls and "bad layout". and probably worst than other on "good layout" map.
-Use righteous fire

-Not so cheap to do (nearly) all content (about 25ex)
-Still not easy to do end-game boss
-Flask / Buff management can be quite hard
-Lack some clearspeed, especially in open area


With actual build:

The Purifier: https://youtu.be/osGSWgfgSg0
Hydra, 8 mods: https://youtu.be/LiXrd4XiZys
Minotaur, 8 mods: https://youtu.be/iZOtQho0L1g
(i got one stupid death there. I use my rf once too often, not enough flask and then i panicked and don't dodge minotaur skill.)

T16 Elder Arsenal, 8 mods:

Random delve 300:

With old build:

First video at the end of lvling:


T15 Carcass map with 5L:



My actual build, ~~25ex:

The link below is my character at the end of lvling. The build is really cheap but do the job, ~~15c:


This link was when i first reach T15. Still need a lot of stuff but can do things, ~~5ex:


Skill gems

Blade Vortex - Cast on Critical - Static Strike:
And you can choose between:
- Vile Toxins: best more dps
- Controlled Destruction / Increased Critical Strike Chance: more dps, if you have enough crit already / more constant damage, better for reflect map
- Concentrated Effect / Increased Area: Against bossfight / for clearspeed
- Increased duration: That can help if the crit chances are not enough to stack 10 bladevortex. Is usefull to both bladevortex and static strike.

So put the more dps but stay with at least 50% crit on static strike in hideout for max effect.

- Phase run:
Main movement skill is no movements skill, so you just run and phase run gives instant boost, why not.

- Charged Dash - Fortify - Power Charge on Critical - Storm Barrier:
Movement spell that scales on the movement speed and let you apply fortify easily (Don't need to be cac with boss), add a poison stack, and generate power charge.

- Righteous Fire:
You can use it instantly, so it's easy to turn it on or off (with dousing flask) when you are full life or take damages. It adds damage when it's on and when you turn it off you gain 50% increased Recovery of Life. In addition the vaal righteous fire is still good.

- Molten Shell - Arcane Surge:
Gives some armor and let you gain arcane surge instantly.

- Immortall Call - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration:
Lvl 20 immortal call setup to let your endurance charge not be consumed too often and better duration.

- Grace:
Important boost to evade attacks especially with watcher's eye. The vaal version gives dodge, you go to ~46% to the 75% cap. Really good boost as the spell dodge is the only protection against spells.
- Poacker's mark - Blasphemy:
You want to always have flask up, so 100% increased charge gained help a lot. All others effect are usefull.

General use:
So you attack once or twice with static strike, small charged dash to fortify, then run and applies all buff:
flasks, molten shell, phase run, RF.

If you want more damage hit flask before RF else, use RF then flask to just have the 50% life recovery boost.

Against boss or big pack, you can use vaal grace to help tank. and vaal RF for better dps against boss.


I use bino's to have a good chance of crit on static strike CoC. nice stats on the weapon. And we don't care about dps or attack speed.

60% chance to poison, with ascendancy that's 100%. One more curse is really usefull. And gives a lot of evasion.

"Curse enemies with lvl 8 warlord's mark when hit" That let apply the second curse without manareserved or other gems. With the amount of skills that hit around you, that is nearly like blasphemy.

These flasks are nearly always up, the 3 utilities buff and the life flask is mainly to help sustain RF.
Life saving flask
I use the 4 notable nodes around a jewel socket so why not.
It gives a lot of different stats and is quite expensive, but could probably do without.
The spot where it is remove no notable node so it's perfect.
You just want the 5% evade and the natural life%. 5% when you are between 80% and 85% evade do a lot.

The other items are for tankiness, so you want maxed res, life, evasion rating, dodge and evade.



Not a lot to say. Level with self cast bladevortex.
Don't try to use CoC too early, you need at least good base crit weapon and / or ascendency 100% more crit at full life.

Ascendency: as a first node take Ambush and Assassinate. Opportunistic last.

Sorry for english.
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Any update on this? Looks like it could be really fun with proper investment.
Just 2 uniques (except jewels)... Looks like it's SSF-viable :D
How do you think this is going to work with the new COC buff?

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