Beast Burrow Delve Encounter

When doing Beast Burrow encounter as a Necromancer, if you use any of your offerings on the corpse where boss supposed to form, encounter ends, boss model shows up but it never spawns as an enemy entity and you cant hit it. You cant end the encounter or portal so you only have the option to die or log out. Managed to replicate the bug 2 times just to figure out what was going on, if you just let the encounter play out without using offerings its completely fine.
Last bumped on Sep 7, 2018, 3:51:44 PM
Can confirm this is happening to me as well.

Example of the map where I've attempted it twice and it has caused this issue:
Still bugged out for third time in a row even without using any corpse consuming skills. I even removed it from my skill bar. Come the fuck on
IGN: Forgers
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it is unending hunger gem which causes this bug to happen. I think the soul eater eats the souls which are meant to bring the big boy alive
Just did 2 try it has nothing to do with offering since i dint use it at all quite an annoying bug .. i guess skip any beast burrow
I didnt have Unending Hunger when i had this bug. Offering may be just a coincidence.
Been doing this as a necromancer in SSF. Dont have Unending hunger, every time i encounter this encounter it also bugs. I believe its the flesh offering.
We are aware of this issue and will have a fix coming soon. This is happening because the beam cannon from Solar Guard spectres is causing the dormant Skeletal Beast to aggro early - which is causing this encounter to break.
I was really hoping for it to get fixed in the last update. Meh ..

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