[3.4] Dominating Melee Baroness

Hi all !

First of all, I would like to precise that this is my first build completly and that it is still a work in progress. The last thing before I start is that I didn't check the forum for a similar build and there might be another one, this is just my take on it. All the help will be appreciated !

Let's start with the Path of Building link for those who wanna follow with me there : https://pastebin.com/MgeRYcdw.

Passive Tree
We are trying to get the most out of our minions to get the job done. That's why we need to get those minions nodes on the tree, though still trying to get the most strength possible for The Baron.

For leveling, I would maybe suggest to get your first minion mode as fast as you can since it will be easier for you and your zombies to deal damage and clear monsters quicker. After that, I would go for Templar area passing by the Scion to get to the new minion wheel added in 3.4. When needed, take some life nodes, that will help you survive longer in areas and delves.

For the ascendency, we willl go for Necromancer. Why ? Because it offers the best damage increase for you and your minions since you got the new passive tree point that give increased to your minion to you too. And beside that, it will boost your zombies by a lot. I think that boosting zombies will be more beneficial since those are the only minions that doesn’t have a duration and also, you got 13 of them.

Other ascendency choice ould go to the new Guardian. You will get more of Herald of Purity and a bit more physical damage.
I didn’t check for Scion, it could maybe work.

The Baron - Helmet
The Baron will be the helmet of choice of the build, it is mandatory. It will give your minions half of your strength, which it should be over 1000, increased your minions life by 20%, your number of zombies by 1 per 300 strength so in this case 3 or 4 depending on which strength amount you wanna go for and if you go over 1000, your zombie now heal you for 2% of the damage dealt, which is a great sustain with the other items we got.

Chaber Cairn - Two-Handed Mace
This mace is one of the best for Dominating Blow. It gives you +1 to the melee skills and +2 to minions gems. You got yourself a nice +3 Dominating Blow. It also give up to 40% minion life and 30% skill duration, nice for your minions summoned by your melee attack.

Astramentis - Amulet
This amulet got one purpose, stacking attribute and it’s great at doing it. It helps you get your 1000 strength and to get more stats for gems requirements.

Meginord’s Vise - Gloves
First of all, those gloves will give you 100 strength which result in more damage for you and your minions, but also life for your character. The second bonus is the 2% life per second if the threshold of 400 strength is bypass, which in this case is. Overall, great piece that helps us get more strength, defense and damage.
You could also get one with Vulnerability on Hit curse with corruption. But it is unlikely to happen, but if you do, it will be insanely good for you and your minions

Iron Defense - Chest
With up to 120 strength, this chest is quite good for the purpose of stacking strength. Another bonus, is the effect of getting 3% physical damage beside 2% per 10 strength your character got. With this chest, you get 100% increased physical damage. It also have a good amount of life for our survability.

Cyclopean Coil - Belt
With a massive boost of life, up to 120, it also give you up to 15% increased attribute. Which mean more strength again. The other bonus is also good. You get immunity to ignite and a bonus to increased damage by 1% for 5 of your lowest attribute, in our case, dexterity at around 140.

Le Heup of All - Ring
This ring give you want you need. Increased damage, all elemental resistances, all attributes. This ring has it all!

Rare Boots - Boots
I would go for the traditional triple resistances boots to try to cap your resistances since with all the other uniques, it is quite difficult.

Violent Dead
Equipping two of those will get your zombie to deal insane amount of damage with their slam attack and that, each 1.25 seconds. Plus, they give minion damage. Those aren’t necessary, but highly recommended.

Efficient Traning
Use as much as you want. This is strength at the cost of intelligence. Two of those are enough for me to get to 1000 cap, but you might need a third one.

Viridian Jewel
I would be aiming first for % physical damage converted for mana, if you wanna sustain Dominating Blow. In secondary, Strength and all elemental resistances should be a priority to cap those out.

Gems and Links
Dominating Blow - Weapon
Dominating Blow -> Melee Physical Damage -> Multistrike -> Faster Attacks -> Minion Damage
Last one can be Main or Ruthless as you wish. I think they are good.

Raise Zombie - Helmet
Raise Zombie -> Minion Damage -> Melee Physical Damage
Last link could be Faster Attacks or Multistrike

Herald of Purity - Chest
Herald of Purity -> Summon Phantasm on Kill -> Minion Damage -> Faster Attacks -> Melee Physical Damage -> Maim

Leap Slam - Boots
Leap Slam -> Faster Attack -> Fortify

Convocation - Where you want

Thanks for viewing !
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I'm going somewhat more or less like this , but with guardian.
Did you consider replacing mpd with something else on herald cause it doesn't work on phantasmal?
Oh, I didn't know it wasn't working, since Path of Building Tool Tip increased when I did put it... I will check that, thanks !

I was thinking Guardian could be a nice option too, but I don't know if the damage will be that different...
This looks really cool. I think the chest piece you mean The Iron Fortress. Was it hard for you to get blue links on that chest? I was sort of trying to follow a different build that would use The Baron, but I think this one looks way more fun! However I will have to try to wait for more currency because this is quite expensive for me to gear right now. But at least I have something to look forward to now. :) (edit: Any chance you could post a video of it in action?)
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