[3.4] Tanky EB + ZO Mjolner Discharger (4 auras)

Note - This is a defensive set up. If u want better clearspeed, replace 1 of the defensive auras with
herald of ice.


Pros & Cons

1. Very tanky
2. Capable of running 4 auras for a MOM build
3. 20% life recovery per discharge

1. Chaos damage is lethal for this build (Chaos dmg bypasses ES)
2. Not a league starter build.
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It may be just me but the skill tree isnt even started, like no points are used
Also it will be good if you add a PoB link. Also the build looks fun I will try it out later in the league ^^
I just updated the tree, check it again.
Maybe add a leveling guide, like when do I start using discharge and is Mjolner the only core item of the build ?
Use firestorm for leveling. Mjolner , voll's devotion , romira's banquet are the 3 main core items for this build. Start using discharge once u have obtained your mjolner and romira's banquet. I suggest watching the video for a more detailed explanation.
Is it endgame viable
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1hcuoRasOU&t=1surl Here is a video of this build vs t16 maps.
not sure if grand spectrum is worth it. some really sick jewel with life and dmg i would proberly preffer.

else it look cool.
Yeah, rare jewels with GG mods are definitely the better choice , but those jewels are not cheap. Use grand spectrum until u have enough currency to buy those gg jewels.
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