[3.4] Theorycrafting Poison barrage/TS/HoA build

Hi, i was looking for some advice on this build, and i was already thinking to do this build based on Herald of Agony as main damage, and as supporting it i would use barrage for poison and as 6l i could use TS for cursing with despair for extra poison/chaos damage.

This is the PoB for just the tree (herald of ice is just to see how much mana i can go to reserve :P )

(Sorry for my english, but isn't my main language)

The tree is based on minion damage, chance to poison,Life, flask since we are Pathfinder.
For item you could go for whatever you like more, like Blasphemer's Grasp
and do an elder build wich mean extra flat life for each elder gear equipped and 15% poison damage,The Coming Calamity for the +2 herald and mana reserved reduced to 45% instead around 75% or Dendrobate
for extra chaos damage and poison damage.

As ring i would go for Thief's Torment
until i get an elder ring with at least poacher mark or mana on hit

For bow? Quill Raincan be good for us and poison count (should not affect the poison damage the -40% proj damage) or Null's Inclination
for the minion damage per dex, wich for the tree alone means 30% damage for us and HoA and more poison damage.

We could remove despair on TS if we got hands on Impresence.

For jewel i would go for Life/resistence/stats (if needed)/Minion damage/attack speed/mana on hit(if you feel to need it) and 1 Might of the Meek
for extra res/life under the scion start

I hope this build could be viable for end game, or league starter and just to let you know.... i tend to forgot was i was writing so there could be some extra error on what i've typed :P
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I had a similar idea, but with some minor improvements. Here's what I'm shooting for (PoB build link): https://pastebin.com/ybnSqAGJ

Most of the items are pretty obtainable. I don't have the flask setup done yet, but it kind of sucks because almost zero unique flasks are useful beyond The Dying Sun.

The biggest change I have is to use MoM with 5k life and 1k unreserved mana. Then I have Gluttony to get level 30 Poacher's Mark which is 34/15 life/mana gained on hit. Should allow for pretty easy sustain of life/mana pools. Only thing I worry about is the curse reduction on bosses making that difficult.
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