[3.4] Big Daddy Detonate Dead (w/ Conversion Trap)


My name's KenMan, or Ken for short.

I've been around since 2011, following build guides here and there and playing when I can.
This is my first build I've created all by myself. The reason being, I want to get as far as I can by myself. I've learned so much creating my own build. So fun!

If you have advice on how to improve the build please post and let me know.
Let's get to it.


Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/TecFUYQX



Throw conversion trap to convert enemy in the middle of pack. Pack will kill that enemy. Explode the dead converted enemy. Throw up the middle finger as everything burns to death. Explode another corpse, inflicting an even stronger second ignite (TY Emberwake). If it's still alive, tea-bag it with culling strike flame dash. Repeat.

Pros and Cons

Cheap, only requires 1 unique, others are a bonus.
Reflect can be done. Keep detonate at level 1 for minimal fire dmg received. Only use 6% max life of corpse anyhow.
Tanky. Lots of phys dmg reduction, vaal immortal call with endurance charges will keep us safe, endurance charge generation is ezpz with 20% chance after killing an ignited enemy. 100% ignite.
Things burn. I fell in love with ignite during breach league with the pizza builds (flameblast). The burn looks great IMO. Would love a blue flame microtransaction, though...

Slow. It's meant to get to the bottom of the delve slowly but surely. You may not be able to explore very far without having to turn back soon either.
Max life is low without items with +max life. Too many uniques may hurt you.
Clunky play. It's odd. Conversion trap then detonate dead is scary. You need to be careful you don't get swarmed. But that's what our Lion's Roar flask is for.

How Does it Work?

We're using corpses to kill monsters. 6% of their max life as damage. Which means we need to increase the 6% max life damage, to 100%. Easy right? Well maybe.

Ignite scales from the first hit of damage, which is 50% of the hit over 4 seconds. 200% damage overall, which means our 6% max life damage from detonate dead is now immediately 12% max life.

12% max life as fire damage. To get to 100% we need to get 830% increased fire damage. Or better yet, 2 ignites for 415% each... Emberwake (second ignite) as well as our skill tree and items (443% increase from tree, 10% from combustion support, 35% emberwake, 22% Abberath's Hooves] and 78% elemental) make for well over 415% each.
Fire resistances are an issue that is handled by Scorching Ray + CWC + Flammability(+vulnerability, more on that later) along with our fire penetration which will not increase the ignite's damage, but the initial hit that causes the ignite.
I may have done the math incorrectly, and I'm certain I've left out overall damage modifiers. But it appears to me the damage is there.


dmg reduction-
We have a good amount of armor from our uniques and tree, which gives 51% dmg reduction @ full endurance charges. We also use Lion's Roar to increase armor by 3k , which brings dmg reduction to 69%. The knockback from Lion's Roar can help when we get swarmed, which will happen when trying to get that first mob down with conversion trap, or when we're channeling our scorching ray. Late game we want to keep our detonate dead level 1 so that we take minimal reflect dmg, since corpse explosion will not reflect but the inital fire dmg hit will.

life recovery-
1% of fire damage leeched as life from our ascendancy (Hinekora, Death's Fury) We also have decent life regeneration from endurance charges coupled with our ascendancy (Tawhoa, Forest's Strength).

Fire capped at 75%. Grab purity of elements then fill in with gear.

Vaal Immortal Call-
Why Vaal? Well, vaal makes us unable to die. Which is different from just immortal call, which prevents physical damage. What about elemental damage? So, Vaal Immortal Call. You'll have plenty of duration since we have 6 endurance charges and increased duration. It'll be about 8 seconds of invulnerability. Soul gain prevention is 10 seconds, and we'll gain 6 more endurance charges by then (hopefully).

Flame Dash with faster casting and a movement flask. Or you can use leap slam if you don't like the cooldown on Flame Dash.

Desecrate Spell Totem, Scorching ray with CWC and Flammability, a taunt totem if need be, and your detonate dead.
While in the delve, adds (An add is a creature that adds into an existing fight with you.) will spawn, and you can use those corpses for higher damage.

Dominating Blow can also be used to snag a few high HP mobs to bring with you to the boss encounter. Spell aura Haste is advised to help them keep up.




Vaal Detonate Dead-combustion-ignite proliferation-increased aoe-deadly ailments-culling strike

Scorching Ray-Cast While Channeling-Vulnerability-Flammability
Dominating Blow/Converstion Trap/Aura
Purity of Elements or Clarity- Increased Duration-Conversion Trap-Dominating Blow
Dominating blow only needs to hit, it doesn't matter how much damage you inflict. This is a great skill if you're about to head to a boss fight. Getting a few 40 seconds mobs ready to use before the fight is a smart idea.

Flame Dash/Leap Slam-Faster Casting-Culling Strike/Desecrate
Flame Dash or Leap Slam. Desecrate for boss killing outside of delve.

Immortal Call and Golem
Vaal IC-Chaos Golem/Flame Golem-Increased Duration-Cast when damage taken
Keep cast when damage taken at level 1 and don't level up your Vaal IC too much. Read the tooltip of cast when damage taken closely.



Emberwake Ring

Second Ignite, Increased Fire DMG. Without this ring we won't hit the required amount of DMG to kill our enemies after exploding.



What fire build is complete without Ashcallers for leveling?

Cospri's Will

Extra Curse, and they hit hexproof enemies. Lots of evasion and a chance for poison on top of our ignite.

The Goddess Scorned
Ignite Burns 50% faster but only ignite will deal damage. Will help with clear speed but will remove your second hand weapon which is a sacrifice for survivability if you want a shield. Literally only for 50% faster ignite. May be better to get %increased fire damage and fire penetration wands, though. Question is, can you deal double fire damage with wands, or would you rather just cut the ignite time by half. Since you're dealing two ignites, it may be possible to deal double overall fire damage, and gain mana regeneration something in the wands.

Abberath's Hooves
“When you kill an ingited enemy, inflict an equivalent ignite on each nearby enemy.” This will provide an immediate double ignite of the highest damage. We have elemental proliferation support in our detonate dead which is great, but it's only one ignite of the highest damage. With these boots you'll but 2 on them bad boys. Plus 1% fire dmg for 20str, since we're stacking strength as best we can it'll be great later down the line when we have way more str.

Lion's Roar
Great flask for keeping the mobs off us. Knocks em back, and 75% chance to fear. They're run away screaming with their hair on fire.

The Overflowing Chalice
Use this flask before the others, you'll receive a damage boost and the other flasks will regen twice as fast.

Stats to look out for:

%Increased Damage/Fire Damage/Elemental Damage/Burning Damage/Damage over time/Area Damage in that order.
%increased max life, +max life, +resists

Spell Damage is useless, it doesn't increase the corpse explosion dmg, thus not increasing our ignite.


1.Ngamahu (Fire DMG Penetration)
2.Tawhoa (Endurance Charge Generation)
3.Hinekora (Fire DMG Leech, more Str, 20% dmg from Ash)
4.Ramako (life regen, phys dmg reduc, immune to ignite)
You can swap 1&2 if you'd rather have Endurance Charge Generation earlier.


all for 2 passives



-Start out with sunder for clear, and molten strike for bosses.
-Use added fire damage and anger/wrath auras for more fire damage.
-You'll be grabbing a bit of fire damage at the start and quite a bit of life and strength nodes.
Go straight for Celestial Judgement and Punishment.
-Switch to Tectonic Slam, and make sure you cap your resists and grab a granite flask.
-Check to make sure all of the support gems you'll be using are socketed somewhere so they level along with you.
-Your physical and elemental protections will be fine all through act 3/4 if you have good flask management.
-When you grab the fire damage tree at the tippy top, you're ready to switch to desecrate totem w/ your detonate dead setup. 4-link will do you for awhile.
-If you need survivability add a Taunt totem.
-Be sure to use scorching ray to debuff bosses and then explode the corpses from desecrate.

Celestial Judgement and Celestial Punishment first. Then look for building out to the endurance charge nodes and that big phat fire circle at the top. Your fire dmg will be fine until late game. Notice how multiple nodes are branching out from the main path so to speak. Grab those here and there, when you feel you need something.

Level ~46: www.poeurl.com/b3PP

Ashcaller is a great leveling item, and usually cheap. Or you can just use a nice 2h axe/mace for tectonic slam. Get your ring asap. Get tanky gear, %increased fire damage for spells on wands. You won't get fire damage increases till later, so having that on your wands will help.

Interesting Tid-Bits:

Why Vulnerability instead of something like Temporal Chains on Scorching Ray?
Temporal chains is ok, but it only extends the duration of our ignite. You'd think the slow is great, for survivability, but we don't want the mobs slow. We want them to get to the converted mob and kill it fast so we can utilize its corpse. That's where vulnerability comes in. The mob will be taking more damage, so die faster, thus allowing us to utilize DD quicker.


Build Edits: Ty to everyone who has taken the time to contribute!

9/1/18 -
Removed Dyadian Dawn as it only affects attacks, not spells. (Credit: Alartikus)
Updated the leveling section, as leveling with Scorching Ray is not optimal without starting with unique/leveling gear.
Added a Boss Killing section. (Credit: Alartikus)
Added a special thanks section.
Added Skill Tree leveling progression.

Updated the gem setup to achieve double damage with our ignites.

That's it.
I'll be streaming this build during the Delve league. If you'd like to check in on the build's progress, ask questions, or just chit-chat about anything PoE related... you can find me at www.twitch.tv/KenMan.

Special Thanks:
Spectre322 for pushing and supporting me in my quests and providing great music playlists. Link to his community here: https://bit.ly/2wyaZHi

Thanks so much for reading.

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Nice build
Nice concept ! What will you do though for the bosses ? Desecrate setup for corpses ?
And for Dyandan Belt, isn’t it only fo Attacks ?
Last edited by Altartikus on Sep 1, 2018, 2:16:56 PM
specter322 wrote:
Nice build

Ty my friend, it's still an on-going process as you know.

Altartikus wrote:
Nice concept ! What will you do though for the bosses ? Desecrate setup for corpses ?
And for Dyandan Belt, isn’t it only fo Attacks ?

I've updated the build. Ty for pointing out the Dyadian Dawn belt flaw, I didn't realise attacks means melee only. I learned something new!
I don't know if I am right, but would Trickster be a bit more damage with your Ignite than Chieftain ?
Also, I am trying a Path of building at the moment just for fun with two Emberwake !
Altartikus wrote:
I don't know if I am right, but would Trickster be a bit more damage with your Ignite than Chieftain ?
Also, I am trying a Path of building at the moment just for fun with two Emberwake !

I've created a skill tree with trickster and managed to achieve higher ignite damage, while maintaining a large life pool. Survivability will be ok if you kill mobs quickly, as there isn't leech but life gain on kill. Physical damage reduction was also low.

So while trickster may have 20% more ignite damage, it will have less survivability.
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