[3.4] WIP 300K+ Shaper DPS Smite Sentinel Summoner Guardian

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First things first, you can't check the "Is the enemy shocked?". You're running Elemental Focus, so you can't shock with your main damaging skill. Even if you did not run elefocus, you would never reach the 50% increased damage taken that checking shocked in PoB provides. If you are not an Elementalist that takes Beacon of Ruin and invests in shock effectiveness, just leave this box alone as you are only fooling yourself with it. You can read more about the mechanic here: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Shock

The tree is pretty good if you are hellbent on using swords. I did however do some slight modifications to get you some more life, jewel sockets and area of effect for some quality of life. https://pastebin.com/4p5rAc4A

The last thing is that Smite is only going to attack with the main hand according to the skill description. So that let's you use a juicy statstick for nice damage gains.
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You're updated tree is a clear improvement.

Thanks for correcting me on my shock ignorance as well!
My advice to you. You should try out the large number of game mechanics before jumping into the cold water and creating your own builds to get disappointed in the end. Don't get it wrong and especially don't lose your "hype". Happy to have you here as an active part in the community.

- "Dreadbeak" is a terrible choice in my opinion, you go much better with a rare weapon
- Take out "The Sorrow of the Divine", the property on it "Zealot's Oath" can be found in the skill tree --> transforms your life regeneration into energy shield regeneration
- "Harmony of Purpose" doesn't work with minions! If you want to use frenzy charges for yourself, use blood rage. --> "Bastion of Hope" seems to me to synergize better
- Anyway, I don't think you'll have much fun with your minions unless you support them properly with gems.
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Oh, no, I really didn't want you to delete your build idea. :( That's why it's called "idea" not guide. I just wanted to provide suggestions where improvements could be made. Smite Guardian will be played massively next season, all you need is a few adjustments for the endgame.

Good luck in the league and as I said before, don't lose your hype. We all have already improved countless builds, because they were not balanced enough.
the 50% increased damage taken that checking shocked in PoB provides.
Is there any way to change this value for the calculation?
Or do you just workaround and make a fictitious item that applies x% damage taken?
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