[3.4][WIP] Hopeshreader Ice Rain of Arrows Looking for feedback

Work In Progress will change; first attempt at build guide

Current POB - https://pastebin.com/RX0i0QXy

Reasonable settings and items to get POB DPS of 170k with rain of arrows.
Uses two regeneration while moving searching eyes and purity of ice to deal with the damage from hopeshreader.
Elder quiver with cold on frenzy charges for more gain from charges.

POB seems to favor deadeye over raider; the life on hit from rupture with ~9 arrows hitting per attack should prove give good sustain as vaal pact is not posible using regen to counter degen.

Anyone got any tips or suggestions while I work on this?
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goo pleasei i want you build
what about running raider and using a ring with curse poachers mark on hit

additionally you could use some life regen on movement abyss jewels or perhaps a delve life regen jewel as well. get another 1.5-3.9% there
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