[3.4] Planning new build: Crit Incinerate Chaos Conversion Occultist

Ok guys I'm planning out a build for 3.4 that I think is going to be pretty good, but I'm not experienced at doing conversion. So please let me know if there are any glaring holes in my theory.

Here are the key concepts
- Convert 75% fire damage to chaos with 100% poison chance (2x Consuming Darkness + Infernal Mantle)
- Life build with Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics
- 4% chaos life leech (warlord's mark and atziri's promise)
- Crit build. All 3 conversion uniques support crit.
- Tri-Curse. Warlord's, Assasin's, Despair
- Whirling Blades + decent attack/cast speed on tree

Why bother converting to chaos? First off, it greatly reduces elemental reflect. More importantly, by debuffing the chaos resistance of surrounding mobs (via Void Beacon, Despair curse, and wither totem) we can greatly improve the damage from profane bloom corpse explosions.

Occultist with this spec gives insane offensive boosts
1. -20% chaos resistance from Void Beacon
2. Huge boosts to curses + Malediction
3. 35% AOE, 35% spell damage from 7 power charges
4. Profane Bloom (possibly huge for delve)

PoB Tree: http://poeurl.com/b2zS

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I found ur passive skill tree planning a bit unuasual so i compared it to I compared this with Rasgeroth's Puff Dragon incinerate build in pob. your build gets 551 average hit, 4k total dps and 210 ignite dps. puffs build gets 1312 average hit 9581 total dps and 666 ignite dps. while having double mana and life.
Modifiers to both damage types apply to converted damage. So if you're converting fire damage to chaos, increased fire damage (from any source) and increased chaos damage (from any source) would both apply to that damage, and they'd have the exact same effect. I like the idea of an incerate chaos conversion build. dont think crit can compete with the high amount of fire increate
Fire to chaos conversion is bad right now. sacrificing 3 items just for 75% not worth it. those items don't have any good protection or anything else to justify them. also no defencive curse makes you very squishy. i'd say it will be challenge just to finish 10 acts.

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