[3.4] Bleed Sunder Zerker (~0.5MDPS, HC/SSF VIABLE)

Hello boys! This is a quick guide for those looking for a build that is really strong, easy to gear and even easier to clear content.

This build is slightly different from the normal everyday Sunder zerker/Slayer because it uses the Blood Magic Keystone in order to significantly boost our lifepool, while also being able to use more support flasks to mitigate incoming damage. However, while using BM, you wont be able to use any auras. And thus I bring forth my contribution, with a special gem setup that will allow us to effectively mitigate as much as possible the damage loss from HoA/Hatred, while being able to get that juicy 35% hp increase.

You should level up the tree organically, and the nodes are pretty straightforward. Always go down the duelist route when near level 30, since there are many incredibly good damage/life nodes down there. You may only grab the BM cluster when the core link setups are done. The minimal level to do so is theoretically level 38 (when you acquire Brutality) but you will mostly only insert this cluster later on the game.
BANDITS: ALIRA (most recommended, core to SSF)// OAK (viable for non-SSF) My personal choice: Always Alira.


Main setup (CORE) (4L+): Sunder + Faster Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Bloodlust + Maim
Warchief Setup (CORE) (2L+): Ancestral Warchief + Chance to Bleed + Faster Attacks + Melee Physical Damage
2L: Immortal Call + CWDT
Movement Setup (2L+): Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify


Always zerker. Order: Aspect of Carnage -> Crave the Slaughter -> Rite of Ruin -> Pain Reaver = War Bringer (War Bringer is really nice, and the leech is also great. MY CHOICE: War Bringer)

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Nice short guide!

Just one question
Is it endgame viable ?
at best shaper with high end equips!
at best shaper with high end equips!
The pob is showing either mirror teir or close to mirror tier items. Ignore this build

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