[3.4] Kitavas or Totem SRS + Skelly Mage Occultist

General Overview
A meme build that aims to push just one button - summon raging spirits. Each spirit costs over 100 mana, which procs 4 spells socketed in Kitavas thirst. What makes this build potentially viable is the 'Command of the Pit' Gloves, which would act as a 7th link (additional accuracy) for our SRS, plus give us some cast speed and mana regen via Arcane Surge.

Path of Building Links

The cheap version is here - https://pastebin.com/WK7gDAT4

* Should be super easy to achieve about 8K EHP (4K life, 4K ES)and about 50K shaper damage per SRS
* Might be tough to get all resists maxed
* The only expensive item will be a 6 link body armour (assuming that the Command of the Pit gloves are common)

The expensive version is here - https://pastebin.com/SstwpvZ7

* About 10K EHP (5K life, 5K ES)
* 70K damage per SRS
* The expense will come from getting a decent watchers eye, and up to 7 twinking ghastly eye gems, and getting enough resists to overcap.


Helm - Kitavas Thirst. for the memes. For the lazy people who like their spells auto cast.
Gloves - Command of the Pit. Gives minion accuracy, which has been the bane of melee minion builds for years. Also gives Arcane surge for cast speed and mana regen.
Amulet - Atziris Foible - for mana, mana regen and reduced attribute requirements.
Ring 1 - Dream Fragments - mana, cold resists and mana regen. Cannot be frozen or chilled is cool.
Ring 2 - A Rare with good resists, Life, ES, mana Regen, etc.
Belt - Stygian Vise would be best if you get the right ghastly jewels.
Body - Any 6 link you can get. Best is a rare with some resists, Life, ES, and any other good stats.
Boots - Anything is fine. Best is a rare with resists and defensive stats, and movespeed
Shield - Victarios charity for frenzy charges on minions.
Weapon - The scourge is best for DPS, but you will need to get a fevered mind jewel first.
Weapon #2 - Apeps rage will give you good cast speed and increased mana costs (you need 100 mana cost per SRS)

Gem Setup

SRS > Melee splash > Minion Damage > Elemental Damage with Attack > Added Cold Damage > Ruthless

* For boss fights swap melee splash with multistrike

* You will need to check your mana costs, and adjust your gem setup accordingly. For example, if you run the setup above, you will need fevered mind, and a level 21 SRS gem to get over 100 mana cost per cast. Hypothermia, melee damage, faster attacks, multistrike give similar stats, but have higher mana costs which you'll need if running a 5 link, or low level SRS gem, or no fevered mind.

Discipline + Clarity + Enlighten + Utility in Boots

Hatred + Generosity + Summon stone golem (In weapon 2)

Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify (in weapon 1)

Arc + Flesh Offering + Temporal Chains + Elemental Weakness (in helmet)

CWDT + Immortal Call In Gloves

Animate Guardian

It looks like the new Delve mod with 'nearby enemies have -x% to resists' could be superb on animate guardian, but we'll have to wait and see



Fevered Mind - For increased mana costs
Watchers Eye - With Clarity mods for mana regen and energy shield

To be viable end game, I expect this will need decent jewels. % increased damage when using a minion spell, blind on hit, additional damage, minion speed, life, ES, mana regen or resists are all going to be needed somewhere.


Soul of Solaris gives the best mix of defences



Gloves - 'of the grave' is best.
Boots - 'Life and mana regen after being hit' is my favourite, but any defensive option is good
Helmet - 'SRS damage or cast an extra one' would be best


Get SRS, Get Mana regen and resists. Get 6 link. Get Fevered Mind, kitavas thirst, apeps rage

Levelling targets
*help with crafting here:(https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vendor_recipe_system)


ASAP - Find or craft boots with movement speed. Keep getting more movement speed on boots forever :)
Level 1 - Get Raise Zombie. This skill gets you to level 4.
Level 4 - Get Summon Raging Spirits
Level 8 - Get minion damage and melee splash and link those with summon raging spirits in a 3 link item (coloured RBB)
Level 18-26: Find or craft a + 1 to minion level helm (4 linked with RRBB) Add in elemental damage with attacks gem.
Level 38 onwards: Find, buy, craft a 5 Link chest or 6 link chest. Add in 2 more gems for SRS damage
Final Targets: overcap resists, get awesome jewel rolls, ES and life rolls on gear, get 20% quality gems and level 21 active skill gems.

Leveling Ascendencies

Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Profane Bloom > Malediction

Leveling Item Options

Leveling tree


Coming Soon


Alira for resists and mana regen


Updated after Delve is launched


Push Summon raging spirits.

*If you are running with autocast Flame dash, then you and the spirits will all rush towards enemies. If still alive, keep casting and rush to next enemies!



We'll See

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Sorry to burst your idea but you cant use a claw and a wand at the same time.
Sorry to burst your idea but you cant use a claw and a wand at the same time.

You silly biscuit...those are weapon options. Following your logic, I'd say: "You can't use 2 weapons and a shield."

OP, this looks fun. Good work. Going to test it out soon.

OP, this looks fun. Good work. Going to test it out soon.

Please let me know how you progress.

I've taken this to about level 50, act 8. Without any gear I couldn't even beat a level 8 boss with a 5 level advantage. I do not recommend this as a league starter!

Add in all the Delve bugs and it was a frustrating start to the league. I've switched to a much more powerful build (physical skeletons) to earn some currency, then I'll come back to SRS, which unfortunately, remain incredibly weak compared to skeletons.

But, I bought the bee skill effect, so have no choice :)

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