[FB SC] - Master Crafting Service - Elreon/Vorici 8

Legit. Colored a corrupted 6L for me :)
Very professional, knows how to craft. Did 2 voricis with him and will come again.
Takes every currency, very friendly crafted me a 3R 1B of mind of the council for 7 chaos and 120 chrome (cheap) and also can teach you some tricks to help you with your futur craft. it's an absolute master.
Great service!
1R2G on my piscators fast and friendly, recommend!
Very good person, 5-linked my almost perfectly vaaled Shroud of the lightless
Did catarina lightning damage no charge. thanks

Super trustworthy did some coloring work for me. Provided crafting advice and suggestions throughout and was pleasant to chat with.
Vouch Recolored my frostferno, did it in half the currency i expected.

recolored my armor c:

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